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good morning ~

i thought i would show the last two bags i’ve made.  the first one is custom request from my friend sami, and she wanted it to be more of a large handbag. so this one is pretty large, at about 14″ in width, and 10″ tall, created from the beautiful faux leather fabric i’ve had on hand, and with a slight western theme, too.  i do really love to free motion on this fabric.  

although it’s “faux” ~ it quilts beautifully.  that is to also say that one must use that a topstitch or leather type of needle is required.  i used a 90/14 topstitch needle from superior threads.  click on that link and it will take you to their webpage where they explain exactly why they are the best!!  {i agree}.

as usual, i am free motion quilting with magnifico thread, the 40 wt polyester {my favorite}  with a masterpiece cotton 50 wt bobbin thread, also from superior threads.  sami requested a handle on this bag too, and i made it into a bit of  a wristlet, with a very thick and sturdy handle.  

let me say that stitching through four layers of this fabric is a certain challenge.  go slow.  be patient!

it was fun to design this bag with the butterfly fused, and the bling.  however, one of the things i have found with the bling is that it does not adhere to the faux leather.  faux leather fabric is really a polyester… so fusing the bling on was a problem without melting the leather.  next time, i would fuse it to the fabric, which makes a  strong bond.  live and learn!

but the bling was perfect for the body of the butterfly!

and i’m tickled to use the beautiful tapestry ribbon which looks so good on the leather, and adds to that western, but very modern feel to this bag.

the butterfly is a new fabric design by laura gunn, called “flutter” for michael miller fabrics.  love those charming butterflies, and all that they symbolize.  

forgiveness… and new life! 

and the next one, a small all-leather bag with another butterfly motif.  pretty rayon ribbon for the zipper pull, too.

totally fun!  love the bottom, too.  this one is class sample, now at the prickly pear quilt shop in helena montana, where we are in the plans for setting up a free motion class and more.

enJoy your day!

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