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happy august day to you all ~

~today is the day~  
it’s the  atkinson designs zippy strippy pouch giveaway! 
 this is the pattern inspiration 
behind all the pouches i’ve posted about lately.  
and i’m giving this pattern away: 
{but wait! there’s more}

but first, another pouch to showcase… i spotted this scrap bit of leftover faux leather in my studio and i thought it would be a fun challenge to see what kind of zippered bag it would turn out to be… wondering how it would be to stitch through the layers for attaching the zipper, etc. well, it was really easy, and sewed up very nicely!  {always use a 90/12 or even a larger 100/14 topstitch needle or a leather needle}. 

another opportunity to employ a gorgeous ribbon from my tapestry ribbon collection, as well as fun little words. notice the fill-in-the-blank phrase?  

to enter the givewaway, you must comment, giving your most creative answer that would complete the sentence above.    i will pick one winner from the most creative answers!  

“once upon a time, a great while ago, far beyond the edge of the world, there lived…  ________ {fill in the blank}.

and the giveaway prize includes a few embellishments to go with the pattern, so you can perhaps share, or use them in your own style.

 here’s a couple of ideas:

even the zipper is included, and a few very autumn toned strips!

— 3 yo-yos {including a hand-dyed silk velvet one}!
— tatted lace!
— a bit of iron-on crystal bling!
— two styles of ribbons!
— 2.5″ strips in fall tones {enough for one small or medium bag} {note: there is no lining or batting provided in this kit}!
— pre-fused, iron-on words!
— paper fabric hearts! {made by me} that can be fused/stitched on
— pre-fused, pre-cut fabric flowers! {the yo-yo’s would be fun on top!}
— and a black 14 inch zipper to coordinate!

all the colors and trims you need to make a super fun autumn bag {and a few more!} in your own style.

the deadline to enter a comment is 
12 pm Montana time, Monday, September 1st. 
 I will post the winner on  Tuesday, September 2nd.

do you want to hear how i answered this phrase? 
{i quilted it on the back of this bag} 
 “who knew she was God’s art.”

“you are not your art.  you are God’s art.”  {emily freeman from the book one million ways}

i can’t wait to read all your fun answers to this phrase!  

hope you like the little kit i put together!  in appreciation and celebration of a sweet summer and an even sweeter fall season.  

soli deo gloria 

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  1. a brand new baby boy who smiled in his infant sleep when the angels were whispering in his ear, reminding him how much God loves him.

  2. a girl in a land of peace, joy, love and harmony.
    New to your blog, found it through your Etsy shop About page. Off to explore it some more.

  3. a Bernina shop! I read a few of these great stories and decided I needed to think about this a bit. Then I went off to my own Bernina shop, Sew Inspiring and had a long and lovely visit. We chatted, we oood and awed over a new class release. And I got my new Punch Tool! woo hooo! I also spyed the Zippy Strippy pattern and given my luck at give aways I scooped up this 'simple pleasure'! 🙂

  4. a gently old grandma, who showed her little granddaughter, how to create wonderful quilts out of some fabric and how this can be a gift for the next generations – like her own grandmother had shown her years and years ago.

  5. I'm not entering for the give away…just wanted to say "HI"!!! I've been neglecting blogs lately…lots of hand work and reading!!! Go figure!! I'm big on listening to books but happen to be reading some while hubby watches TV at night!!! Hope you enjoy retirement!!!

  6. Guardian angels that came to me with the love of God in my time of need.

    My husband had a heart attack early this month and these people with the love of God were there each day to support me. God is good and Leslie, your art is awesome.

  7. …a woman who hoarded tons of fabric. Every time she went into town show couldn't resist the urge to stop at shops selling gorgeous fabrics. She would caress each lovely piece, but being the bargain hunter she was, she would only buy fabric on sale. This went on for several years until she had collected a huge stash of fabrics in all of the colors of the rainbow. Then one day she decided to stop going into town and start sewing. She made quilts, table runners, bags, wall hangings, clothes and still the fabric was piled up around her. She continued sewing quilts until she had a pile of them stacked to the ceiling. Then she took the stack of quilts into town and gave them to all the children who were sick or poor. The children loved the bright colors of the quilts and they loved the cuddly feeling they got when they wrapped themselves up in the quilts. The woman smiled and she felt a warm feeling come over her when she saw the joy that each child showed upon receiving a quilt made just for them.

  8. ……A wonderfully talented, artistic creator of beautiful works, who received so much joy from the items she shared with everyone around the world through her marvelesartstudio. Her joy was very contagious as others continued to share her knowledge, skills and ideas. We are truly blessed.
    Thank you Leslie 🙂

  9. … a young man and his lovely and wise mate who had walked miles through dangerous terrains and challenging weathers in search of peace and to make a home for themselves and their offspring.
    Their clothes and footwear were in taters and along with sheltor and food, there was a need to repair ansd sew new clothes. In between working the land for sheltor and food she would pick up bone needle and primitive tools to lovingly add stitches and decoration to pelted clothing and blankets. This began a long line of creative stitchers and story tellers through fiber art.

  10. …a girl who forgot who she was until the Maker gently reminded her with a whisper in her ear and tug on her heart.

    This is all so gorgeous, Leslie. Thanks for the chance.

  11. I posted my answer on Facebook Lesley before I came over here and saw all the goodies you are including in your giveaway – wow!!! I said, "A wonderful Living God who wanted more than anything in the world to give his people the most wonderful gift He had…. so His Love found a way and even to this day He is still giving away His wonderful gift!"

    Thank you for sharing all your bags with us and the amazing art you created in each one. I have been amazed and fascinated and delighted with your creations :*)

  12. A good and loving God who desired a companion-bride for His dear Son. So He created a beautiful world, filled it with gorgeous plants and interesting creatures, and then made a family of beings called man, made in His image, to have dominion over it all. Man fell into sin, which brought in pain and distance, and the sentence of eternity in hell as punishment for sin. Man could in no way bridge the gap between him and God, but God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten son, to be punished and die in man's place, so that whoever believes in Him wouldn't have to face the punishment of death and hell that he deserved, but have everlasting life in heaven with God instead!

  13. An ancient turtle who swam on the rainbow waves of his own private sea. Each day he swam and thought about the big questions in the world. "Who am I?" "who made me?" "why am I alone?" Every day this ancient turtle swam through the reds and golds and blues and purples of his magical sea, asking his questions until one day the waves reverberated with a most glorious sound. Through a spiral of golden bubbles he was given his answers and he closed his eyes and basked on the grace he had received and smiled his widest turtle smile. When he opened his eyes the bubbles receded and the most beautiful she turtle was swimmong toward him. He knew, right then that a miracle had occured and that his rainbow sea would be lonely no longer. it would soon be filled with baby turtles everywhere and a new and bou tiful sea had begun. (it all just came to me, had to write a sweet story. xox)

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