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Oh gosh, I had hours and hours of delight designing this quilt, painting the leaves, fusing and adding trapunto to the leaves… and quilting metallic, swirly whirly lines of wind sweeping among the fall leaves floating through the air in my front window from my Antique Crab Apple Tree!  I designed this pattern, after using a stamp to initially “rub” the leaf images using Paintstiks.  Come!  Join me in he Paintstik class at the QUILT-A-WAY on February 5th and  February 8th.  These are two separate classes, one in the evening and one in the daytime.  See my BLOG entry on CLASSES I’m offering here!

This piece is for SALE at GALLERY 16 in Great Falls, Montana.

 I absolutely adore Paintstiks!  Such a fun paint medium to play with.  It’s so easy to blend and create your own colorways and creative design.  If you haven’t tried them… check it out!  Paintstiks should be available at your favorite quilt store, and if not, ask them to stock them!  You can also find them here and here.  Laura Murray, a designer who has created many treasures, and she has  fabulous site in which you will be greatly inspired! (The first link).  The second link is Quilting Arts.

Lots and lots of free motion stitching applique style around the edges of these leaves… oh how fun it was!

I started with  King Tut in the variegated cotton… and Glitter thread in blue hologram for the “wind.”  Oh yes… and don’t forget the silver metallic… Yenmet is my Go-to Gal for “gettin’ er’ done’ the fun way!  You can get Yenmet metallic threads at any quilt store, but if not, ask them!  It’s simply one of the BEST metallic threads out there.

See my thread info-tutorial blog “TNT: Thread, Needles and Tension”  December 28, 2010

for more information and how-to’s regarding threadplay and needles!

The paintstik class will explore color blending, rubbings, using materials from around your home to add texture, mica pigments for polish and shine… and some good resource information in hand outs I’ve worked up for all my students!

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  1. What a blessing you give me Patsy in your comment! I do so love to photograph things! And appreciative too, of your 'trail-blazing' designs, sharing and cool blog in giving many …inspiration ABUNDANT!

  2. I really love this piece! Your photos always capture the colors and textures of the pieces you're working on. This blog is always a great source of eye candy and inspiration. Thanks so much for taking the time to post about what you're doing!

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