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A few weeks ago, I spent an afternoon going through the  leftovers.  {kind of like the frig too!} … Although these happen to be the fabric kind… ya know, those  blocks that didn’t make the cut when you were making a larger quilt, or were slightly askew, etc.  This is the pattern from which I first saw the acronym, better known as the KISS method! In other words, “Keep It Simply Slanted!” Many years ago, I made three x-large twin sized quilts, and one king size quilt from this pattern: {and one of my favorite Montana quilt stores as well}

These particular blocks were ‘cast-off’s’ from the king-size quilt I made as a special order for a friend of mine, who gave it to her husband for Christmas. I also quilted it for her too.

These leftover blocks reminded me of a scene from that Christmas movie, Rudolph The Red Nosed Reinder, you know ~ the part about the the Island of Misfit Toys ~ anyone hear me on this?!

Well, I just decided right then and there, to sew up as many as I could. No procrastinating, no more storing, no more ‘i’ll think about that later’ kind of stuff!  It’s the Nike thing: “just do it.”

So I grabbed up those that kind of coordinated, and put them together in sets of three or four, or five blocks.  They will be simple tablerunners, or something… !

So I pieced a few together, pressed them, gave them all the BB & B treatment (border, backing, batting) ~ now they are ready for quilting.  I think I may  need some inspiration on the quilting… Anyway, I made five of these little runners from the leftovers. 

These curvy bright leftover blocks are from a quilt I made and sold, called, “Curvalicious,” the pattern from a Montana company, “Sew Be It” by designer/owner, Cheryl Wittmayer. I like how this pattern also incorporates ribbon as part of the design element, and it was totally alot of fun to add that to the quilt I made.  {I think I may have to do another!}  And the process of just cuting/making your own curves on the fabrics was totally addictive!

I think she has a very a very fun design sense.  And… to finish these off, I am thinking of adding some fringe… we shall see how that may turn out!

And speaking of patterns… I have some to give away.  Anyone interested?

And a copy of the newest “STITCH” magazine by Quilting Arts.  I found when I got home one evening, that I had accidentally grabbed two… and even though the gift-giving season is over, this is still a terrific resource for anyone, for any kind of gift-giving throughout the year

Just leave me a comment.  I’m giving out the trio of patterns as one give-a-way, and the magazine the other.  

 Have a great Friday~and joining STUDIO JRU, of course!

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  1. As always, gorgeous! The magazine would be a great way to get me me started on next year's Christmas gifts. Never too soon to get started!

  2. I love your 'just do it' attitude! They look fantastic… great work! You don't need to put me in the giveaway… I want the winner to be someone that could really use them. Though one day, maybe, I might learn to sew. 😉

  3. These blocks turned out so cool! I won't be quilting for a while but I always enjoy gleaning inspiration from magazines.

  4. It's a fun way use up all those bits and your quilting will make them special! I love the curvy ones. I can't get that magazine around here, so that would be fun too.
    Happy New Year!

  5. Leslie – I call it "freebies" when I finish or make something new out of leftover quilt pieces, since they hardly take any work to finish. Besides, they are very pretty! The magazine looks great if you have no other takers.

  6. oh pick me, I just finished two hearts that i intend to make into pillow slips,patchwork "kind of quilted" project…but i do not have batting, so they are not complete…it will be my first quilt project… and i am sitting thinking i should maybe take some photo's and link up too, but i think the beach is calling louder…love the inspiration, i find here…

  7. Great way to use up the orphan blocks, that may work for a Christmas BOM I started last year and got bored with after 3 months. The little tulip wreath pattern looks very sweet. Happy New Year!

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