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hello ~

as  a small girl, i always loved reading, and i still do.  last fall, i also had the good pleasure of working on a special quilt in collaboration with a two other talented artists, one a fabric designer, and the other a quilter and editor for a quilt magazine, as well as a blogger, too. her name is karen gass, and she’s also an author with several books.  i just finished the last of the two she sent me, a series, and i’ve already emailed her and told her how i am looking forward to the next one in this “quilter” series! and i enjoyed them very much!

up first though, is a book by dr. larry crabb we’ve just started reading; a collection of “66 love letters.”  it’s a very simple format of one man’s question to God: “what are you trying to say to me God?” it’s about 3-4 pages on each chapter in a simple “what’s this chapter about?” and then the answer in God’s word. i’d have to say this would have been a great beginning when i was a new christian, but also wonderful if you have been studying for a while.  definitely easy reading, and there is always encouragement with God’s truth.

and one of my favorite authors, jan karon, has a new book out, which i immediately delved into!  i always love the stories about the little town of mitford, and how their lives speak to each other, in relationship, and so interwoven with each other.

and the first of my friend karen’s books, “morningshine.”  yup. i fell in love with all the characters…. mostly!!  {don’t want to give too much away!}   but… to say this, as i know this truth of God; whether in your life or mine… God never gives us what we deserve, but  in grace… he gives us what we need. {amen}.  

yes. it’s all about relationship.  an intimate one that speaks to our hearts in every w ay.  and  the relationship these quilting gals have to each other, in their common love of quilting, and of faith, {and each one’s struggle with it}, their problems, ideals, and how they want to make it real in the outpouring of their love of quilting. there are broken people, in their  wrong motives, misconceptions, desire for happiness, and of course, life’s choices and consequences are all in there… in a wonderfully written, easy-to-read, and easy to get attached to… story line!  i’m smitten.  what can i say?!  they are appealing, and real.

it’s really all about relationship. it’s a big part of why i write this blog, too.  and i consider it a gift, a blessing, and a challenge all at the same time. i’ve said it before, but i’ve met some amazing friends, and i consider it a treasure from the Lord.   this is so amazing, this life we live much because of our relationships.  

book number two, “morning glory” … i’m waiting on the third one which karen is writing … as i write? right karen?!

God Bless You, Karen!  karen has had a few setbacks in life, as many of us will relate.  she is now newly married, has changed her last name, and is off on a new adventure!  

i thank God for her.  and thank you karen, for taking God’s gift of writing into your hands, and writing your heart out so that we could understand better, the relationship God wants for each of us with His Son, Jesus.  Your gift has blessed me, and i am grateful, and i pray that the Lord will meet you in your writing, and will use you to your fullest gifting!  {amen}

and… the best to you this day ~ the day the Lord has made!

{you know i have another collage quilt in the works!}

hope to show my newest, titled: “in the velvet” in a few days or sooner!  and of course… another idea coming forward from my mind, using collage in a table runner.

enJoy the blessings of this day!
soli deo gloria

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