Let Your Little Light Shine

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Perhaps you’ve heard this song by a group named Addison Road.  
The song is “Let Your Little Light Shine.” It’s my newest, current favorite.  
It’s also a song I love to sing, so I am enjoying it very much as I sew. 
This is the “little” inspirational quilt I made because of that song.
I went shopping at Michaels this week for some miscellaneous supplies and I found these fabric-covered  scrap booking brads – 40% off.  So they had to come home to play.
Some of my favorite hand-dyed yarn.  I’m going to really miss this when it’s gone!  One thing I know, or at least, have come to realize… there is always something really great coming in the future, whether it’s fabric, patterns, yarn, embellishments, or whatever you can think of.  So I try not to “hold on too tight” to those things that I enjoy.  It’s best to use what you have, and “Let It Shine!”
This King Tut thread (40 weight) in yellow on the top.  I used Masterpiece (50 wt) in the bottom.  I also did several different quilting motifs, trying out some different tensions with Bottom Line (60 wt) in my bobbin when I had Superior’s tri-lobal polyester in the top.  This little piece is a fun way to experiment, and better than playing with muslin, and while it’s not perfect, it’s still a sweet little sample of threadplay and helps you learn your tensions and thread balance so it’s going to build up your knowledge… a “little bit more!”

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  1. I'm totally in love with that thread-doodled flower in the first photo. The little circles add such whimsy to it!

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