let’s do the twist ~

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helloooo  to everyone out there…

here’s a bit more fall inspiration from a photo i took:

and… i’m trying a new thread for me ~ this is “twist” by superior threads.  here’s some great info they’ve put out about this thread:

“It’s a high tenacity (strength), high sheen trilobal filament polyester.  The strength allows for ease of stitching and the high-sheen reflects true, gorgeous hues. Upon first glance, Twist may look similar to a variegated thread, meaning multiple colors dyed on a single strand of thread, however, Twist is unique as it is actually two separately dyed polyester threads, twisted together. This is the first time this has been done with our high sheen, high strength polyester. (It exists in the rayon world, but we do not recommend rayon threads.) By creating Twist with two separately dyed threads, this provides a wonderful texture-approach to embroidery, as depth of color and shades blend seamlessly into each other.”


and once again, i’m auditioning thread colors.  here you see the deep gold, a peachy/brown, a rich red brown, and then just good ol’ deep brown!  {how do ya like my descriptions?!}

i’ve drawn my line in the sand  on the fabric using my favorite chalk-marking pen:

and i really ‘dig’ this twist color thread on this fabric.  it doesn’t look like much in the photo above, but it’s getting exciting ~~~ time to dance!  {let’s do the twist!!}  i bought this twist thread  in the green too… but i changed my mind, and decided to go witht he bright lime green in magnifco thread, instead.  but oh my, i do LOVE it! 

p.s.  superior threads: we need more colors to be available in this thread!

look how pretty it is on the fabric now!  it really brings this beautiful hand-dyed fabric to life

and it glows ~ looks so good with razzle in that peachy-brown, and the lime green… lights it up, man!  and while i was in the “subtle” mood, i kept with the green in the outside motifs too.  i love it!

i had this bug to add turquoise colors of stitching in this fabric, but i felt i just didn’t have the right ‘brightness’ in my thread stash {i know – hard to imagine, isn’t it?}… so i added it in the binding instead!  {yay!}

yes, yes i do, i/m excited at how it turned out! i put some amy butler on the back.  {well, her fabric anyway!}  love having a good stash of fabrics i can mix and match…

that binding also has peach and green, tans and browns, which makes it just the perfect finish, in my eyes!

so there you have it ~ this is “golden fields” and it’s newly listed, and available in my etsy shop. 

so what do you think of my ‘unusual’ selection of colors?  kinda different, huh?

but ~ perfect ~ for the thanksgiving table, don’tcha think?!  {i’m hoping somebody does… so i can buy more threads!} lol

giving thanks ~
bless your day!

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  1. Oooo-la-la! It is so gentle and gorgeous…. draws you right in with its subtlety and then zaps you with those luscious threads and perfect feathers.

  2. Leslie, you are so prolific! It is beautiful and I love the thread colors!
    Checking out their new threads is on my to do list.

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