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hi there happy summer day and the same to you all ~

and first, i’d like to answer a question from deborah wolff, who left a comment on the “feathering my nest” post i wrote a couple days ago, who asked what kind of thread i used.  deborah, i use {mostly} superior  threads, and the threads on that particular piece were solids, in yellow and pink, which are polyester.  i did use a slightly variegated one, which was also polyester, ‘rainbows’ from superior!  love them; they are all 40 weight, and i enjoy putting a 50 weight 100% cotton, {masterpiece} for my bobbin thread {also from superior}. i wrote a post on my threadplay and use here {dancing the thread tango!}

i appreciate all those questions ~ hope that helps, and if not, please let me know if you have other questions!  thanks deborah!

recently used the quick cut ruler {QCR} from sew wonderful to make this table runner.  confession:  i bought it last fall, and this is the first time i’ve used it.  but fun, and challenging it is for my right brain.  it’s not always simple math, but it is simply {sew} wonderful! and thankfully they have a wonderful tutorial on their website {see link above}, which I watched several times!!

i chose batik fabrics in lime green and turquoise to test it out.  can you say popular?  trendy?  great color combo?!

as you will see, i put my own twist on it… nothing complicated, heavens no.  so, dear readers, let me know what you think:

and the next thing i want to make using my QCR is this pattern; metro waves.  perfect for summer don’t you think? isn’t it fun? … it’s on “the list!” 

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  1. I love your color choices! Also I would like to know what trim that is. It is so fantastic with your pieces. Just adds that texture that is like the final touch. It is beautiful to say the very least!

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