Linda Sue’s S.W.A.K. Flower Bouquet

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An unexpected blessing for me has been the gift of friendship I have received from those I have ‘met’ through this blog!  Today, I am honored to share with you my friend, ‘Miss Linda Sue’ from Texas. She sent me this sweet treat of flowers, such a lovely creation!  What a delightful surprise! Now this is the kind of mail I dig!  As a young girl, I loved being, and having a pen pal.  And it’s even more fun as an ‘older’ girl!!! LOL!  And we, of course, have found and enjoy more than just quilting as a common thread!  Cameras… cooking… beads & baking… and more! Cool!

Isn’t this little stitched envelope with the painted heart cute as all-get-out?  It reminds me of a time as a young girl when I loved using a wax seal kit… you would melt the wax onto the back of the sealed envelope and then press into the wax with the seal; the seal had the letters: S.W.A.K. on it!  “Sealed With A Kiss!”  (Maybe you have to be over 50 to appreciate that craft, & phrase, perhaps?!)   Anyway, I had lots of fun with it!

Linda Sue’s quilted treasure features these adorable hand painted flowers; aren’t they pretty-as-you-please?!  Love the colors, how they blend,  and yet are bright and soft at the same time.  And she’s quilted what I call the ‘teardrop’ motif on the white background. It sure suits this little quilt most excellently!  Really helps those flowers to ‘poof’ out!

Flower buttons and tiny hand-sewn beads!  And I like how she used the contrast of the black threads on white for outlining the flowers.    

Linda Sue adaptation from “Ode To Mamacjt”

 And a darling binding in black and white polka dots.  I love polka dots! It’s finished size is about 8″ x 10″ I’d guess. Cute!

It’s quite CHARMING!  It now hangs in our dining room.  I can’t wait to share it with friends and students alike. It not only makes me happy to look at it, but reminds me to be so thankful for her friendship; amazed at all the special, unexpected blessings sent our way, daily!  Thank you for sharing your gifts with me, the time and talent you so willingly share with others, Miss Linda Sue!  May you continue to heal, to create, and bless others with your bountiful gifts! 

Love, and more Sister! XXOO

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