Liquid Pearls for Embellishment

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Liquid Pearls… are, to me, liquid magic!  And I love using them in my pursuit of embellishment!

I love pearls.  I love texture.  And I love color. And it all comes together in a beautiful colored, and textured, paint application.

All of this is packed into a cute, tiny little bottle.

They are fairly easy to apply, with a nice little tip for tiny dots or swirls, and remain dimensional and dry fairly quickly.  The piece below represents a flower center for one of the ‘wall flowers’ I have been playing with.  The liquid pearls was applied in pink and green.

We do not have a source here in Great Falls that offers them in all these colors, so when they went on sale on, I took advantage, and ordered as many colors as were left, which weren’t many.  But it was worth it.  A small bitty bottle with a big punch of color. I’m sure I’ll be using them lots, and they are also great on paper, so I am told!

Have you tried this product?  I’d love to hear how, if you have!  I can’t wait to show you more that I’ve been playing with!  

Have a great day ~

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