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The “T” Word.  TIME.  Lately, I haven’t had alot of time to put my doodling to practice underneath my machine.  But I have had some smaller bits of time in my work-day that I often overlook…

Here’s a few examples: 
  • A 15 minute break at work (twice a day!)
  • my lunch hour — ‘leftover minutes!’ (sounds like a cell phone advertisement)! 
  • waiting in the doctor’s office at appointments

So it amounts to this, at least for me.  I get to be creative… about the time I have to create. Whatever that might entail. To practice.  Explore.  EnJoy. 

And  I really enjoy my new little sketchbook.  I just bought it recently, (about $4) and it fits in my purse at 6″ x 8″.  So when I’m with my Mom for Dr. appts, (which are sometimes 3 hours long),  I have my sketchbook and my pens.  Love my pens!  These are some of my favorites:

  • Glaze Pens by Sakura (they give a raised, shiny appearance) Very cool effect!
  • Sakura “Souffle” pens – they are chalk-like, but come in very pretty colors, too.
  • Gelly roll pens (the glittery ones that shine)
  • Sharpie pens or Sakura Micron pens (not just in black either!)
  • a watercolor travel set with a “Koi” watercolor brush included.
  • a pencil and eraser.  Absolutely essential!
Time to create! 
Or how about just TAKING TIME to take something in. 
There’s a thought.

I totally get the ‘nurture your artistic side” thing that appears everywhere you look.  In a magazine or blog. (like here!)  And there’s lots to say about that…maybe.  Another time, perhaps.

 And when viewing new projects, ideas, or challenges that are out there… I’ll admit to thinking, “Yeah, when would I have time to make that happen?!” I’m already challenged!

I get the point.  Challenge is good.  It’s just well, time-consuming… and challenging!  So I have tried to change not only how I think about the time I DON’T have… but how I manage the smaller increments of time I DO have.  Making choices.  Setting goals.  Taking time to learn something, or try something new… as I keep those things in focus!

 Let me say too, I don’t have answers. I only have ideas – some of them work – some of the time!  I try not to put it in a box.  There will never be (really) enough time in the day to create, doodle, sew… take pictures… take a new class, study, read… and more.  Because I would love to do it all.  (Say it isn’t so!)  Does anyone out there nod their head in agreement?! Raise their hand?  Get on that soap box?!

Part of it is Discipline. (capital D intended!) If it’s important enough, you make time for it.  Art-quilting-sewing-creating may not be a part of, or absolutely critical every day.  Gulp. Did I really say that?!  YES!

Because my day belongs to God, first.  HE OWNS it!  And I’m really glad about that, cuz He’s way smarter and wiser than me!  And I try to listen to Him — FIRST, and be sensitive to know how and what – I’m being called to do throughout those minutes… hours… and days.  And we all know how the days turn into months and, well, you know how the rest of that sentence goes!

 So that’s my focus.  My time to create IS important to me.. but it’s even more important to know that when the intended schedule falls through; family or friends pop in to visit unexpectedly, and jobs, chores, to-do lists,  summer, and life happens… there is a time for everything.  I won’t  – can’t – and don’t need to do it all, all the time. 

 I just need to listen.  
And I want to be a good listener.

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  1. This creative time is a biggie right now. Three kids; nearly 5,7,and 2yo. and I'm homeschooling them. [Started writing big whiny comment and deleted it]

    You are right, discipline is key, managing our time well, extending grace, and there's some seasons when things just don't fit.

    I love your doodles and maybe I can fit some doodling in when the kids are coloring instead of trying to escape into the sewing room.

    I ordered the Setacolor for sunprinting w/ the kids! As far as the pens you've used on you doodles; we're in the washable marker stage, but the older 2 are getting better, do you think I could risk letting them try some? Or is that a stain disaster in the making? (My daughter would love glitter pens!)

    I love seeing your work! And your reminders that our time belongs to Him. I recently had to reestablish time in the Word before time in the computer/sewing room.

  2. I often joke, "my life is not my own". Like you, I try to get my priorities straight and listen first thing. Your sketching is joyful. luv it! and oh; I'm nodding my head and my hand is raised! I am learning that I can't do it all, so just what do I want to do??? Thanks for the inspiration. I'm following as you follow…

  3. I enjoyed the peek at your doodles. Ever since you shared your post about Joanne Fink and I found her on the web, I've taken a renewed interest in sketching/doodling daily. I hate when I let that fun little creative time go by for so long. Anyway I should get some photos of my Joanne-inspired doodles to share on my blog soon.

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