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Hi all,

I’ve been working ~ playing hard, trying to keep up with all those beautiful prints I’ve made from Terri’s NEW stencils!  A delight, truly!  {i’m not complaining}  I’m really so excited not only about creating with these unique designs, but even more ~ to use them in my own style…

It will likely be no surprise to you; 
this piece continues with my theme… s p r i n g t i m e !!  

It’s “Live In The Spirit” ~ partly based on the fabric from the border; “Sunshine” by Sweetwater for Moda, and I’ve been adding it to almost every piece I’m putting together ~ I like it that much.

And that’s where I took my free motion inspiration for this quilt, too, quilting words into the inside border.  I probably could have chosen black thread for the word quilting… but I felt it might take attention away from the flowers {and we couldn’t have that now could we?} 

The center stenciled fabrics is a good representation of the classic primary colors from the color wheel; blue, red and yellow, as you see it, left to right.  The blending of the colors is always fun.   That is what happened when I flipped the stencil over, as it was the spray that was already on top.  I then oversprayed a tad with a ‘sky blue’ color, as well, and you will see that aqua shade pop up in a few of the flowers {which is why I chose an aqua-colored inner border}.  And then the strong orange, wide border to help those flowers contrast and pop, all at the same time.

You know I love the close-up photos.  The ones that show the detail of texture, the quilting, and those adorable flowers in all their lovely colors.  And as much as I love writing-quilting … I also love straight line quilting ~ I call it ‘row quilting’ ~ maybe it’s the country girl in me?

And this time I didn’t want to cut up the beautiful flowers, as the colors from the s.e.i. spray dyes were just so gorgeous, and that garden of beauty just had to stay together in the center of this piece.  There is a time to cut up… and a time not to! This was one of those times.

A 2013 ‘quilting’ goal for me is to improve my quilted handwriting… and get more creative with it ~ it’s something I totally love to do…

Again, I probably sound like a broken record, but I just had to stay with white thread.  It highlights the shapes, yet it is a subtle contrast too, without overpowering them.  Or something like that.

This one will have a label on the back, written in my ‘penned’ handwriting.  A sweet table topper, or wall hanging, too.

And… I’m starting to use straight lines a little more… mix them up with free motion.  Now I do NOT measure. I like the imperfect look, and basically, all of these straight lines ~ well, they LOOK straight.  Generally speaking. {and I do mean generally} I use my quarter-inch foot’s edges as the guides for making the next line. This is part of my style… I do not get too caught up in making it absolutely straight ~ and perfect.  This is the pursuit of excellence, NOT perfection.  I’m pursuing texture, and ‘pleasing to my eye’ when I quilt, and that is pretty much what this piece is.

 Pretty!!!  And looking good from the back. {just the way I like it!} The bobbin quilting thread is Masterpiece 50 weight 100% extra-long, Egyptian cotton, by Superior Threads.

 Sweet color, pattern, texture, and little dab of glow!  Love all three coming together in this quilt.

And let that sunshine in! 

Thanks again, Miss Terri  for asking me to play in the hop.  My wish list at Stencil Girl Products is growing… how’s yours doing?  Hmm?  She has so many cool designs.  {sigh}.  But I’m quite happy with the two I do have!  

Soli Deo Gloria

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  1. What a wonderful way to use Teri's stencils. right now when the doldrums of January have set in, your pieces remind me that Spring and renewal are just around the corner.

  2. Your piece is absolutely lovely and an inspiration. I agree with you about the straight line quilting…it does add wonderful texture to your quilt. It hadn't occurred to me that making perfectly straight lines is more about pursuing perfection than just making art. Definitely something I need to keep in mind for the future. Thanks!

  3. This is so, so pretty! The colors are amazing! I like the idea of stitching around the flowers to make them pop. Beautiful work as always, Leslie. I love seeing your creations. Love the close up photos too!! xo

  4. Sweet table topper! I think I should add that quilting goal – improve free motion writing – though since I don't hand-write all that well, it may be wishful thinking, lol. A girl can dream though!

  5. And she's created another fabulous little quilt!!! You are my hero Leslie! My wish list is definitely always growing. How can it not when there are always new and wonderful stencils to own. LOL!

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