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This quilted journey began with a favorite thermofax screen from Margaret Applin’s Etsy shop.
and really, what could be called ‘simple math’ — ala journal quilting style.

 Add a beautiful screen print on fabric~~~

Add a scrap or two, or three.  Or take it away…   

 Add a word.

or two.

Adding bits of leftover strips of patchwork.

add a fun flower…

quilting fun…

Add.  Subtract.  Quilt.
Simple math. 
I adore the KISS method:  Keep  ISimply Slanted!

Comments 16

  1. Yes, I do all the words by machine. Sometimes I will chalk a straight line so the words are straight… but more and more, I'm skipping that, and just 'letting it be' (unperfect!). It is WAY more fun. I did start to stitch in a thread color that blended too much, and I couldn't see it… so I went over Radiant in a darker color so I could see where I was going !

  2. OMGGGGG, I have been sooo out of touch! I love this!!!! Your stitching is amazing as always!!! Is that in the shop????

  3. I love your style, the way you can take all the little bits and make something so pretty! I love Margaret's stencils too.

  4. Radiant. The all red in the face from yesterday's journal attempt is probably not quite what you, nor I, have in mind. You make this look wonderfully easy and it is probably from 'forcing' the creative buds that makes for 'not so radiant'. But today I'm radiating a bit more and with less 'heat'! lol I certainly appreciate your plunging along ahead and encouraging us on. Great little quiltlet! KISS, maybe I should look at my stuff with a more slanted view! LOL

  5. Agreed! We must be open – and I love that description! Absolutely!
    Thank you Teresa! You too, have a fabulous weekend…!

  6. Absolutely beautiful – love the colors and the open lettering for Radiant! After all, we must be "open" in order to become "radiant", right? Have a great weekend!!!

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