“LIVE with INTENTION” Paper Fabric Quilt

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NOTE:  This is a repost from earlier this year, February.  I just thought I would share this… noting that I also recycle the paper towels I clean up with.  
I bet you can pick it out in the picture below:

Here’s number 3 in the ‘pastel series’ I’ve been playing with. I’m calling it “Live With Intention” as it is inspired  by my high school art teacher, Katie Twedt — once again! (I could never get enough of her art!) and … FYI, I will be the guest artist late this summer at the LIBERTY VILLAGE ARTS CENTER in CHESTER, MT!  Yay!  Thanks for asking me,  Katie!  Anyway… Katie’s  hand stamped, designed paper piece is directly sewn onto this pastel fabric quilted collage. 

The triple stitch… decorative stitches ‘adorn’ the paper art by Katie Twedt.  Above that, is a paper towel – upcycled!
 Pastels are not my ‘norm’ as I generally am attracted to bold colors, first.  I’m sure having a good time with them though… and it’s a good thing to get outside one’s comfort zone… ah… more to be said about that; whether it is living a Christian life, working, playing, or quilting!

 Soli Deo Gloria!

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  1. THESE ARE ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS!! FABULOUS!! FABULOUS!! I love how you have layered everything!!!! Show me more!!! I am soooo totally inspired!

  2. Thank you all; I appreciate the affirmation and kind words! Jean: Do you mean the letter "h?" It was hand-stamped with a large foam alphabet stamp; using pearlized-acrylic paint. "Live Joyfully" was a leftover vellum paper from scrap booking stuff. Hope that answers your question!

  3. omgoodess, absolutely spectacular!!! I need to have a piece of your work someday…………this is just gorgeous Leslie!!!

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