Livin’ it Up in WhoVille ~ !

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I feel like I must live in Who-Ville when I look at the results of my crazy, random (very random)  piecework from my Saturday stitchin’ frenzy!

 Wonky and crazy.
 Using those leftover scraps galore!
Bright and fun.

… no rythme or reason…
Not much thinkin’ either!  It’s grab and stitch, baby!   
Totally guilt-free. 

and that is a bold, unequivocal promise of YES.  
Yes’s from my messes!
I like LOVE that!
What about you?
What (or to whom) are you saying YES to, today?

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  1. Hi there Barb! Cool! Saying YES to Practice is so fun, and we way too often skip it! EnJOY! I KNOW you will enjoy the fruits of your labor – make that FUN!

  2. Ah Sandy! Nice to 'meet' you!! WELCOME! EnJOY! Thanks to one of your followers, for me, too!

  3. Thank you Holly! Admin work. Not fun (at least for me) but the feeling of being done is GREAT! Who needs that kind of nagging, right? Then we can be freer to SAY YES! So glad.

  4. Always a good YES day with grandchildren! Sounds like a wonderful time! EnJOY Nina! Thanks for coming by!

  5. Fun, fun! Today I am loading a HUGE sandwich of fabric on my long arm machine and am going to practice all through the weekend on it. I need so much practice….still learning.

  6. YES, YES, YES!!!! This is my fav way to quilt. You took the words right out of my mouth. No rythme, No reason. I love what you are doing and it's pretty cool to find yet another person that love's to quilt this way. Looking forward to following your new found blog. I have to thank one of my followers for telling me about you.

  7. I have recently discovered the free form technique and love it. I love your colors; how much fun it looks!
    Today, I said yes to some admin work that was nagging at me and then I went out to a nearby river and took some pictures. I feel better now.

  8. Yes to anything bright and beautiful whatever format, shape or form. My yes today is to racing boats in the tub with my grandson. I can always paint and stitch tomorrow:)

  9. Today I say Yes to vegan meals for the family, a little bit of scrapbooking, and packing my bags for a holiday. Busy day.

  10. Yes, I must do some traditional piecing for a traditional quilt. I think I'm past due to embrace "grab and stitch, wonky and crazy". It is all good though. 🙂

  11. Wonderful and happy blocks! I am saying YES to family today – we are on our way to North Carolina to celebrate the wedding of our oldest son! God is good!!!

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