Living in the Winter’s Light ~

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Oh my goodness.  And I mean that literally. Mentally. Spiritually. It’s been a more ‘traditional’ Montana Winter here…lots of snow. Lots*Lots of colder. And a bit darker. That may just be the world… Anyway ~  while I hanker for a hunk of Spring… my heart has been reminded! This winter is, and has been ~ a sweet season for my soul. For through the darkness there has always been the Light. And I for one, am so Grateful!

I’ve had a lot going on.  Who doesn’t I ask?!  But I’m grateful for the darker seasons.  It may sound weird, but it makes me hunker down and crave *more* ~ light. To live in the Light of Faith surely. More brightly, more securely. and Certain. Hope-filled.  Filled up. We need that.  I* need that.  And that is exactly why  a bit of winter in my soul is a good thing ~ A God Gift.  It grows me up. Keeps me dependent on Him… for more Light. Faith. Maturity. Full to the Brim!  And to ask for the gift of being filled with more faithFULL*ness.

Yes Please.

For He is Always Faithful. And always pouring into me in the darker days to  grow me closer to a Father in Heaven who is definitely ~ full of Light. Love. And. Most assuredly {still} On. The. Throne!  {Amen}. And surely in *complete* control.  This Winter of ‘my discontent’ so to speak ~ has been because in part, my heart has been burdened for so very many ~ Sisters in the Faith. And those who are not.  Family. Friends. Unknown. Those who are living from a permanent winter of a kind of heart~state of darkness.  And we are all meant to be living in the gift of Light.

John 8:12 Again, Jesus spoke to them, saying “I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will not walk in darkness but will have the light of life.”  There’s my hope. Right. There.

So. I’ve been reflecting on the Gospel of John ~ how sweet is for my *our* souls.  Thankful The Lord Jesus came to be the Light of the World. Waaaay back then…to very right now.  And from this day forward on into a future that Only He, The Father and The Holy Spirit have their sweet Hands on.  I am reminded I am held in the arms of a Very. Good. Shepherd. Priceless. Preaching to myself {for sure!} And doing it Every Day! Amen.

So with those thoughts come the works of my hands. My heart. My season of light in the darkness of wintery days.  May you feel the depth of God’s love and blessing of light in yours, too.

*Thankful* I am, for each of you, too.

These are  three new collages {listed in my etsy shop for purchase, by the way} that I’ve designed from my Good Tidings pattern.  Perhaps they will inspire your winter-into-spring soul? Or your spring-into -winter soul!  Whichever season you’re in… look deeper. Be encouraged! Live in His Light.

Be LOVED~By the One who will always love you *Best!*

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  1. WOW! Leslie. I was thinking Very Nice. Great! Aand then the last one! Totally different and illuminating! VERY very nice! I am thankful for the light of winter! 🙂

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