Love at First Touch

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Courtesy of a shopping trip to Camas Creek Yarns in Kalispell MT. We’d been talking about it for the past couple years, but finally got there.  Fabulous!  It was difficult, at best, to ‘just say no’ to so many gorgeous, beautiful, lovely skeins and give them a good home.  I put more back that I took home. A girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do. Kudos. Discipline.  The “D” word. Good for all of us but specially for me. And I was truly happy to buy what I got, and what I got was really GOOD.  Excitement.  Color. Texture. Ideas. Scarves.  Couching.  Touching!  It’s all very, very, very GOOD. I mean, really … good!

love… the chance to practice some photography on those beauties… and we of course take them down to the dock and talk, ooh and aah over them some more and brainstorm ideas…

Not to be left out… picked up a couple gorgeous buttons, too.  Oh… how many oh so cool buttons they had…  What will I do with them?  No clue.  But they will be fabulous…

A bit of stash building… texture, colors light and dark.  Batiks, Kaffe Fasset; my faves.

Artist, Weaver, Knitter, Crocheter, and Sewer 
extraordinaire, and my dear friend, ANNETTE, made these adorable baby sweaters while we were at the cabin.  

She loves to knit at the lake, waterside!

This is one I made several years ago, for my friend, Megan Lane, one of the BESTEST photographers in the world! (Really!)

And below, a cute hood from one I made several years ago, from batik flannels.  Love!

 From the pattern “Cute As A Button” Baby Jacket by Jackie Clark.

See more here… and here!

Annette also made a sweet little baby jacket at the cabin vacay. I love the florals, and particularly the soft brown minkee trim!  BUT… the crochet trim on the pockets make it!  ADORABLE.  She still needs to add buttons, which of course, we went shopping for!

Here is the pattern, of which you can also create via patchwork style, leaving the edges raw. 

EnJoy your day!

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