love came down ~

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good morning ~

we’ve been trying to troubleshoot internet issues, but in the meantime, the sewing machine is revving up, and so today i show you a new piece i absolutely adore.

i adore it because it always makes my heart go pitter patter when i read it in the scriptures, and … write it with needle and thread!

love came down ~ yes it did!

 i love writing {many of you know this}, and so to put it onto a christmas-inspired quilt, is truly pure joy for me!  and so, this idea came to my mind this year… last year i did something similar in a watercolor card. 

a little bit of free motion zig zag applique on the heart’s edges, which were also fused with a fusible web.

{pardon the washed out bad light on the pic below} it is really a beautiful hand dyed piece of dark navy background fabric.

and a little sparkle with superior’s “glitter” thread.  this is a “flat” thread, and HINT:  to make it work flawlessly, i turn my top tension down to 1.0 and i always use bottom line thread {also by superior threads} which is a 60 weight polyester for the bobbin.  then… a 90/14 titanium topstitch needle, and slow it down a bit, too!  

and i used magnifico 40 wt polyester in the top thread with white masterpiece 50 wt cotton for the writing.  of course, the same 90/14 topstitch needle is a joy to do this with!

and a scrappy little binding to top it off with a bit more color.  this particular quilt… i will leave the letters as they are, but it is a lot of fun to paint them, too!  hopefully, the internet and modem will work long enough to load them up for another post, soon!

Emmanuel ~ God With Us!

each… and every second of every day.
and His blessings on yours!

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  1. Very beautifully written Leslie, and Merry Christmas to you and your family, and praying for a blessed New Year. Love this so much, but love you MORE!

  2. Hi Leslie
    Just wanted to wish you a Merry Christmas. I was putting decorations on my tree and today I unwrapped the little decorated spool that you sent me a couple of years ago. It still warms my heart to have received such a sweet little token of friendship. Best wishes to you and yours for a blessed time of togetherness.

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