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Hello sweet friends ~

I’m excited to show you {more} of what I did with that beautiful ‘ghost print‘ on “The Dream Team Post” from yesterday

But first, I’d like to answer some questions in the comments I received on the paints I’ve used.  By the way, I do respond individually, and usually also post a reply in the comments section.  I use anything as far as acrylic paints go.  Typically what I can find on sale.  I‘ve used the inexpensive craft types, to mid-range, and the more expensive, which is the Golden brand, in my limited experience.  I have found that Golden is a great quality paint, with beautiful colors, but high pigment, which gives a wonderful range of playability in mixing, etc.   When I buy it, I usually buy at Michaels {40% off}, but they don’t have a great selection. They do have a great selection, with about the same savings online from {although I then have to pay shipping} I’ve used Liquitex paints too, and the Michaels brand; all of which are good.  If you should want to put acrylic paint on wearables, like t-shirts or other clothing, it’s recommended that you mix fabric medium into your acrylic paint. {I haven’t done this}  Although I do want to also say that I plan to incorporate some of Margaret’s thermofax screens, using this medium, and playing with some old t-shirts… just for fun!  The medium I will use is Golden’s GAC 900.  I originally purchased it for screen printing, as it leaves the paint “open” longer, & it won’t dry so quickly while you’re working with it.

Helpful info on the label!

I hope that answers your questions. I’m not much of an expert!  If not, please let me know and I’ll do my best to respond with what I know.

So on with the design story, which begins with Sunshine!

After heat-setting this print, I decided to add texture with a stamp and the Stazon ink pad; a permanent ink.  Optional: Use a glue stick to lightly apply a dab of glue to the backs of the flower to keep them in place when stitching them down.

I’m also incorporating a second design.  These are {so pretty} fused flowers from the “Layered Flowers Duo” stencil.  I added a little round, piece of batting, centered in the middle of the flower, before fusing the second purple fabric to the back.  A bit of “puff” just for dimension and of course, fun!

I decided not to go with the traditional batting I typically choose. This time I’m using an OeSD stabilizer called “Fuse and Fleece,” a cut-away stabilizer I purchase at my local Bernina shop {Bernina Silver Thimble} where I teach.

A second layer of stabilizer is also added.  This product is a heavyweight tear-away type, placed on the back of the fused fleece. Also from OeSD, it’s a superb stabilizer, especially for heavier decorative stitching, which will be incorporated into this collaged piece.

Oh such fabulous texture!  I dig this ghost print. You can even see a bit of the stamping and free motion stitching on the fused flower, below:

On the far right {below}, is a third stenciled design; a strip printed from the “Flourish” stencil. Love that periwinkle blue ‘pop’ of color…

I really, really, love the text that shows off on those {surprisingly} beautiful blobs of turquoise!!

I love that subtle bit of ‘poof’ in the center of the flowers.  There’s more substance, and dimension, keeping them from being totally flat.

And why not add a bird ~ {or three}.

And the title of the piece comes from a stamp “it’s all about love.”  I stamped it onto a leftover piece of a very thin cotton voile fabric that had lace insets.  You will see that it bled a little bit when stamped, but that’s ok. 

And because this piece is backed with the heavyweight  stabilizer, the decorative stitches finish out beautifully.  This is King Tut thread.  It’s thicker texture, and subtle, yet vibrant color is a great accent on this piece. And I chose that decorative pattern specifically because it looks like the quilt pattern of “flying geese.”

{love the detail of the stamping/text on the blue paint below} Have I said that too much?!

And… what every responsible and {quilted} bird should have in a quilt.. a genuine thread nest! Like many of you, I saved those snipped threads as I worked on this piece.  I simply rolled them up in an oblong-ish little roll in the palm of my hand, and free motion stitched to attach them.  Bakers Twine was applied in a brown and white twist for the branch.  I could have used a real branch, but I wanted to experiment with the twine.  

I wish I had added a bit of batting to the birds too… but I didn’t think of it until it was done!!  {sew it goes}

And frankly, I’m not super excited with my decision on the  eggs.  I loved the color of the Perfect Pearls dimensional paint, but the eggy shapes didn’t quite hold the way I had hoped.  I  could have made them from fabric or used some beads… but I wanted to be adventurous!  

I thought about quilting the edges of the flowers, but in the end, I left them alone… {I could still change my mind!} And I didn’t want to add alot of quilting to this piece, as it will take visual attention away from the gorgeous texture of the print. 

A faux piping finish with soft, curvy edges to finish the piece and I then add a little 1/4″ plastic ring to the back for hanging.  {more on that later}  

And little dots of gorgeous color in each flower center with Perfect Pearls dimensional paint.  Love that Color Show!

And to make my birds, I sprayed s.e.i. dye through a bird stencil, but I forgot to take a picture of it.  This was a ‘white on white’ fabric, and I love how the white flowers act as a little bit of a resist with the sprays, and give that extra shading and textural interest!

 Are you in love with these stencils, yet?
Sew… dang fun!  I love it.  It’s my favorite {so far}. 
If you haven’t seen the whole shebang of a collection, go check it out at
{You may want to jot down your favorites… hint hint… giveaway coming up soon!}
I’ve been working on a post to show you my ‘faux piping’ tutorial, and the finished back, coming soon.
Soli Deo Gloria

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  1. What amazes me is how your creativity just seems to flow onto your canvas. I have such a hard time making a decision and committing to something. How do you decide what to do?

  2. Oh my goodness this is just so lovely! You are definitely adventurous! I'm amazed at how much you accomplish. I'm not working outside the house and I can't keep up with you!
    All those layers of paint and stitch are just so luscious. It's fascinating to peer at all the details.
    I also love your faux piping which I've not seen before if you feel like sharing about that!

  3. OH MY GOSH, OH MY GOSH!!!!! Another beautiful art quilt!!!!! Thanks Leslie for adding all of your amazing creativity on top of stencil play!!!!!

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