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hear ye, hear ye:  “people out there ~ quilters and lovers of free motion:”

this is one of of the best free motion quilting book ~ everrrr!!

{hands down!}

and just to {partly} illustrate how valuable, popular, and how good this book is, it’s still being published!  which is unusual in the quilting world.  i can’t remember how many re-printings this book has, but it’s been lots.  i still love turning to this book, and have have been using it, and also teaching and recommending it, for a decade.  it’s truly a gem!

author maurine noble, title: “machine quilting made easy!”

 mine is well worn, highlighted, and best of all ~ sweetly used! the photo below illustrates how to begin with a sampler of quilting machine motifs:

 and another book from author kathy sandbach, from the “show me how to quilt” books i posted about yesterday.  these patterns are just so lovely, especially… the flowers.

while these two, and yesterday’s as well, are just a few of my favorites, the one from maurine noble ~ is a must have, {and inexpensive, too}.  i promise, if you want to learn free motion… this is “the one” to purchase. great value. fantastic, basic information. cool fmq styles. great tips. it’s not a ‘pretty’ book – but it’s all you will probably ever really need! {get it!} … at $11.36 at amazon, it’s money well spent!


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  1. I've been enjoying your recommendations on quilting books. I find books a great way to learn, and might be adding to my library! Thanks for posting about them.

  2. You are just chuck full of good info!!! I am sure some beginners (& us oldies!)will look for several of the books in your posts to guide or inspire us! Thanks!

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