Making’ Hay While the Sun Shines

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Some new stamps I carved at the lake:  
Daisy Crazy


 Pay It Forward Hearts:

These are a few of the tools and paints I use…. so far!

I recycle the styrofoam meat trays to use as paint palettes.  I like the quality of Lumiere paints (by Jacquard) the best, but I’ve also been experimenting with others that are less expensive.  I also really like Golden, and even Liquitex… and I mix and match all of them together, randomly. I found some at JoAnn’s for 25 cents a bottle.  Like the price alot… the paint doesn’t print the best, though. (it’s the green bottle to the far right)  You pay for what you get… but it’ll do.  It’ll do.

I use makeup sponges for dabbing paint onto the stamps.  Foam brushes do well too — the cheap little black ones.  Oh, how I love cleanup in the yard!  And don’t forget to protect your hands with rubber gloves; these are what I had handy.  Believe me, your nails will thank you, and you won’t get those funny stares at the grocery store when you’re paying for your food! LOL.

The first printings:

Am hoping threadplay will really help these mountain images come alive. And the hearts should be alot of fun to add quilting to.  They’re so colorful on the hand painted fabric, and I’m excited to see what thread colors they are asking for… 

Hopefully show you more finished ones later.  And I have another idea in the works… hopefully it will pan out like I hope.  Here’s hoping your days are full of “makin’ hay while the sun shines!”  

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  1. Thanks everyone! Oh to play like a kid… what a fun approach! I'll work on that more… well, make that play with it more!!

  2. Ooh, La La some pretty stamping going on here. Love lumiere, such gorgeous quality…xox Corrine

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