Making Valentines

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This is the stabilizer I use, most often, and almost always when I use paper fabric I’ve made.  I put a layer of batting under the paper fabric, and then put this stabilizer on the back of that, and then the last layer of fabric backing.  I prefer the firmness to be on the backside, rather than on the front, so the top part of the item retains a bit of it’s ‘puffiness’ or quilted look.

And these are the tiny ‘inchie’ sized leftovers from some of my pink fabric paper, cut into random sized, heart shapes, laid onto the batting layer, ready for embellishment.

I’ll add some lacey fabric I had previously added metallic free motion stitching to… I love lace on hearts.

and some free motion stitching.  Decorative stitches, a bit of Angelina Textiva shiny stuff, and a fused flower or … two!

a bit of pretty ribbon.

And what about some leftover cording, & crocheted trim. Yes!

Here, have a heart!

I’m thinking I’m going to add ribbon hangers, and these will be my February 2012 Valentines which will function as bookmarks, or miniature little keepsakes, or even wall hangings.  I’m going to put some in my Etsy shop, too… as soon as I can get good pictures. And at least one… will go out for “Blog Love” for February! (click on that link to see more details)

Do you make Valentines? What do you like to make, if you do? 

Happy Valentine’s Day!  (I just wanted to be among the first to say it to ya!)


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  1. These are gorgeous!! Love, love, love! You should join my link party 'in the studio' on Fridays, to share your amazing creations Leslie! 🙂

  2. whoo hoo! I hope Ultra Clean & Tear works as well cause I just got that. These are pretty cute. Maybe I can give this a bit of a whirl in time for the big heart day. Back at ya!

  3. Awwww So Sweet, and I just love the row of free motion flowers along the ribbon trim. Oh I bet it is Heart Flowers too..knowing you, you never miss a heart beat!
    Cool stuff, I will get the stablizer and play…oh Lord, please grant me Playtime so that I may learn and share too!

  4. Those are the cutest little hearts EVER!!! How do I get added to your "blog love" list? Don't want to get left out of something that cute ;*)

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