Marching Through The Spring Snow

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Ahh.  Friday.  5pm.  It’s time to go home.
Snow has been falling ~~~ all day long. 
The kind of snow that says, “Won’t you come out and play?”

View from the eastern side of the river — looking towards the Federal Courthouse where I work
Yes.  Yes I will!  
Ahh.  The Crisp.  Freshness.

Clinging to the ground in a thick carpet. Not the thinly veiled, soft, floaty-flimsy, hit-the-ground-as-you-melt snow…

Thick.  Wet.  Heavy.  Pure.  Sooo Soft.  

And So Quiet.


All dressed up for the Spring Prom… 

“Won’t you come out and enjoy while I’m all dressed up for you?”


Yes!  I will …  

Stop being in a hurry. 

I will stop.

Breathe in.


Give Thanks.


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  1. Lovely, TIMELY post, Les. I had to go slowly through your lovely photos. The pause that refreshes. Actually we are moving quickly here as the wind is so sharp and fierce. I think I like your slow snow better. Is that your new voile scarf I see??? ;^)

  2. Love the snow, love the snow photos! And yes, it is so quiet after a snow, it is almost magical. I love snow, and unfortunately, it doesn't snow much here in SC! I just now saw your post about your scarf. Beautiful scarf! That ruffler attachment would be nice, and I have a Bernina also, but that price is really steep. Although I love my machine, that is one of two things I don't like about Bernina – I think alot of their products are overpriced.

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