The McNeil Flower Show

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I can’t stop myself!  I enjoy photography very much.  And hopefully… someday… perhaps they will turn into more art quilts! Yay! 

 It’s so much fun to grow sunflowers!  I hope I get some this year.  With the rainy weather it was difficult to plant anything until late June.  

Now, with a bit of sunshine and the gorgeous evening shadows, or early morning light, I cannot resist hopping outside into the yard with every change of the lighting; whether in sunshine or rain.

My perennials are really coming along well. These are Painted Daisies.


Gerbera Daisies, which are in planters. I love orange and purple together.  Such drama!

And some Gerberas from our dining room table, which I also couldn’t resist from the grocery store.  Three bunches for $10.  Opportunity for practice and cheap entertainment for me!

And then these darling little miniatures… perennial daisies of some type, but I cannot recall their name…

Carnation-type; again no recall of the name!  Love the lighting in the bright green in the stems below, and the new buds coming along.

Lillies of the Valley.  They look like they are praying, don’t they?   {Great idea!}

I can’t wait for MORE! Sunshine.  Flowers.  Bring it on!

BTW, I have a very straight forward, automatic focus, point n’ shoot Kodak camera.  It’s not one of the really little pocket types, but one of the “Z” series, 12 mp. It does a good job.  I’d take a picture of it, but since it’s the only one I have, that’s a bit challenging. 

Here’s to taking time to enJOY. Be blessed!

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  1. Wow! Great pictures, I love taking flower pictures, I mostly have daises,just white, this year, love your pink ones.Waiting for the holly hocks to bloom and the lillies. I too have a Z Kodak, they do a great job. Keep shooting and posting. Gaile

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