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My bestest dogfriend ever. She’s now 11 years old. 
“MICAH-DOG!” — our Shetland Sheepdog Extraordinaire:  She’s never seen a ‘real’ sheep… but she sure would like to!  Instead, she makes the most of what she has available… me!  She can’t wait for our morning routine.  Once I grab my bag and coat, it’s “GAME ON!” Her nose is pushing at the door the second my hand is on the knob. Then the real fun begins as
she ‘herds’ me to the garage!   

She’s an alert and super smart little dog. Here she is appreciating the cool of the lake, just  relaxing.  I thought it was a perfect pose, of which she is usually quite cooperative!

Brian and I made a trip to Yellowstone Park three years ago after we were married.  She came along on the honeymoon. 

And she loves to come to the lake with me too… after all, it’ IS a Girls‘ Weekend!”

Just appreciating the sunset 
on Flathead Lake with us girls! 
But really… she just doesn’t want to be very far away from me.  What  a wonderful, loving and adoring friend she has been.  Just like God would like us to be with Him.  A great example of how 
we can trust Him completely, 
know him intimately, 
look up to Him in everything, 
and forgive instantly!  
There is no one who loves us as much as He does… 
And we love Him, because He first loved us. 

Thank you Father, for giving me such a wonderful pet,  an enduring companion with such a gentle nature, who’s unconditional love reminds me of your love for me. Thank you for giving us your son, so we can know forgiveness everlasting, and give forgiveness to others.  Amen.

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