midnight in montana ~ counting it all joy

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hello from ‘feather land’ once again!!

you may be tired of seeing my feather quilting, but i had several multi-faceted goals while home on vacation.  first, look at all i have!  secondly, use it!  and thirdly, improve my feather quilting. added bonus:  count it all joy!   

i’ve learned a few little tidbits, too, in my ‘quilt week’ at home ~  i took notes {still am!}.   i will post about that experience, stitching hints, tools i use, what not to do. but heck… let’s face it ~ it’s the bad habits {and experience} that we tend to learn from the most, hmmm? sounds like life, doesn’t it?  as well as my bad habits which i’ve had to train myself out of!  yikes!

so ~ onto this little runner. you may be struck by the color choice…  more muted for me!  yes… i’m branching out ~ lol!!  but it still has a warm, rich color that glows, which i find very appealing. this fabric is another piece purchased from chris daly last fall .

once again, i am quilting with superior threads, 40 wt tri-lobal rainbow polyesters, a topstitch needle 90/14 and masterpiece 50 wt, extra-long staple, egyptian 100% cotton in the bobbin.  

it reminds me of a forest at dusk, a campground in late evening, or perhaps just a mid-summer’s evening, and quiet time on the patio. 

thanks everyone, for reading along on my feather journeys!

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  1. I enjoy looking at every feather you post so please keep them coming as and when you have time.
    I get your posts as e-mails so pardon me if I ask something you already have covered in the comment section but why do you use a combination of polyester and cotton? I have never tried that – kept to using either or when FMQ so am interested in your experience regarding this. TIA

  2. Your feathers are so pretty. Send all the hints you can. This is one technique I cannot seem to "catch".

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