Mini… Bloomin’ Cool Thread Spool ~ New pattern!

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Happy New Year everyone!

 I went out of the old new year with a big ol’ mess in my studio! I blame it on the weather {everyone seems to anyway}… as we had a lovely White Christmas, and lots of snow and cold weather.  Perfect for me…  and perfect timing too! I was abuzz with drawing, fussing, fusing, creating… cutting.. and tracing! Fabric and fusible paper strewn everywhere!  A bit *or a lot* of creative calamity! What else is a studio good for anyway?  Not to *look* good I’m pretty sure! And so I released two new patterns in a whirl of happy activity and inspiration.

This is the MINI!  The Mini Bloomin’ Cool Thread Spool, that is.  Of course, the pattern is available {$10} in my Etsy shop, and here on the website’s shop, too.  Etsy may work better for international orders… and I’ve worked hard to list all I can digitally, for pdf downloads, FYI–and this pattern is one of them!  I have also made complete kits, with flowers you will fuse, the fabric, borders, binding, with all the sweet embellishments, down to even the silver thread and needle!  There’s still one left in the Etsy shop, and if you see they’ve sold out, just let the know and I’ll see what I can make custom for you!  And… I’ve now begun listing many of my pdf patterns on Craftsy too… in case that suits your convenience!

I also made a short little video about all the elements of this quilt, and published it on my Facebook Page, MarveLes Art Studios… c’mon over and check it out?

This sweet little spin-off is inspired from the big spool pattern, using the traditional looking cork with gold flecks on beige/gold background.  Now we have black and white *love* in a mini version. I realized I had smaller scraps of cork left, and why not try a version with some of the beautiful Pro-Touch black and silver cork!  *swoon* This is the kind of cork product you want that produces terrific results, and so easy to cut, fuse and sew on!  If your local quilt shop isn’t carrying it yet, you can check out Thackery Cork on Etsy, too.  They have a grand selection of product to choose from!

I’ve turned to my lavish embellishment supplies, and was not disappointed when it came time to pick and choose to accent this pattern!  Sequins, chevron printed black and white ribbon, abalone shell button, and silver needle with thread–and of course word labels, cut from fabric.  This is a poster sized quilt–easy peasy for an afternoon of fun collaging and embellishment.  It finishes to about 14.5″ x 16.5″ in size.

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