“Miss Betty”

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Miss Betty is a true delight!  I am so excited to share a bit of her through today’s post. When I see Betty walk through the door, my heart leaps with joy!  Not because she’s a student in a class (although that’s very nice!) but because she exemplifies tenacity, a willingness to keep learning, to try new things; coping with new machines, gadgets, gizmos and techniques!  She NEVER gives up – and I adore that about her!  I’m so proud of her; not that it has anything to do with me personally! She is such a lovely model of learning to love… and loving to learn!

I am tickled pink to be able to share Betty with you.  This is one of her beautiful placemats she was playing with.  When I asked her permission to take a picture and put her in the blog, she was so THRILLED!  Big smile!  You  gotta love that!  And I just love the JOY you share with me Betty!   It’s been a privilege and honor. 
And that is just one of the greatest blessings
of teaching. It’s not about machines, techniques, beautiful fabrics or threads.  

It’s about learning, loving and serving one another the very best we can.

Betty loved learning about the Bernina #39 foot; applying it to her velvet trim
Betty loves using her new skill with the ‘triple stitch!’
Betty learned to apply a basic utility stitch that is often overlooked… and quite elegant really — it’s the “triple straight stitch” which is a standard stitch on machinesThe key to helping it to have more presence and impact is to  LENGTHEN your stitch length.  Betty has a 5mm machine, so she lengthened her stitch ‘all the way’ out to 5.0… instant FABULOUS!
My dear Betty, may God continue to shine his love and countenance upon you, give you strength, peace and rest.  EnJOY your granddaughter’s wedding this summer, and all the blessings of family.

Thanks for blessing mine.  Amen.  XXOO

If you’d like to learn more about this foot, visit my blog post here.  Other placemat ideas can be viewed  herehere and here!

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  1. Leslie, how come whenever I pull up your blog, it goes to WebRing first?? It always asks if I want to sign up. Just wondered if you knew it was doing that?

    p.s. I received the pattern, thank you!

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