mixed media flower ~ winter’s daisy

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hi ~

this is a mixed media-styled watercolor piece, created in my large scale, moleskine watercolor journal.  it’s size is 8.5″ x 12″ {and i love playing in this larger venue}

this is the photo story, of how the piece progressed {the best i can recall, that is!}

the first photo below shows the initial color, using sennelier watercolors, and then my first pass at glitter and micro beads.

 and then i added black doodling, even writing in the outside edges, as well as defining areas of the petals better.  and detailed application of microbeads, in varying colors for the center, which make it visually more interesting.  and finally, lime green and black to further differentiate the pod.  that’s really my favorite part of the entire piece, and helped to become more interesting visually.

i apply microbeads with glitter glue.  i also used a fine-tip, which certainly aids in placement.  and what also aids… is being patient to wait for the glues and watercolors dry.  

at this juncture i added “blops” {as i call them} of white acrylic paint through a stencil {this one is “crackle” by seth apter, from stencil girl products} with fairly small openings. {lower left corner in the photo below}

i added random droplets of watercolor, but this time, mixed with twinkling h20’s, in navy blue. they will have a bit of shine when they are dry.

 and more glitter… but mixed up with clear microbeads, and this was lightly placed in the outer corners of the piece. 

 … deepening the blues and greens, below with twinkling h20’s:

 and at this point, {below} i felt it needed more dimension and depth in the flower petals…

i attempted this by applying it with my sakura ‘glaze’ pens, adding to the petals, and into the center. i used a warm golden yellow, and a purple-blue in the outward parts. because these pens are a clear, yet raised type of glaze-ink, they not only add transparency, and vibrant color, but depth as well. 

i also added white doodles with a pen that has white ink ~ this is the uni-ball signo pen. {i purchased mine on amazon} and so far, it’s the best kind. i have certainly bought several other brands that were completely, and utterly worthless.

{and why not a few more microbeads in the corners}

 this photo shows the sakura glaze pens, and the writing i added:

my favorite part is the center.

and a few more marks with pen… and i think it’s time to say “enough!” {at least in my book}  i worked played on this piece almost every evening over the past couple weeks, sitting in front of the fireplace with brian and the dogs! 

it was a very enjoyable discovery, and i look forward to more!

soli deo gloria

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  1. I'm onna be HOT on your trail! February is Colour Love Class with Joanne. Finally! I hope my supplies haven't dried out! 😉 Then my reward will be more good stuff like above! Wonderful!

  2. This is so luscious! I love the colors and textures and all the little details. I've never had good luck with pens. They never seem to work.

  3. These colors simply make me swoon! I must get out my paints and glues and glitters and pens and…..Thank you for sharing. This should be framed on the wall instead of closed up in a book!

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