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hi there ~

does anyone out there remember the country song, “ghost riders in the sky?”

it was a song written in 1948 by noted american songwriter, stash jones. recorded by over fifty artists, including johnny cash, gene autry and frankie lang as some of my favorites.

how’s that for a little trivia… and that song kinda sparked a bit of imagery to my imagination as we were traveling from highwood back to great falls one evening last fall…

i dubbed it “ghost ponies in the sky.”  

and i thought it was cool.
and i think it will be really cool… as a collage scene.  
you’re probably not surprised to hear that are you?

and i was saying to brian “how i wish i had brought my good camera” and all i had was the phone camera.  not a bad thing. this kind of lighting, sky and cool horse just doesn’t happen, and it would have been so much better to have had a good lens on this beautiful horse!  i didn’t grab my camera that evening as we were packing lots of dinner out to bible study. 

next time… regardless… next time i will pack the “good” camera, too. in fact, it needs to go everywhere with me…
because ~ just look at this face!  

and what a sweetie.  don’tcha just love the “ghost” circles around his eyes?

but ya know what?  good camera or iPhone, it’s all really.  really.  good.

good as in 1000 gifts + good…
patting a friendly painted pony on the nose.
fresh air.
beautiful fields.
my driver-husband.
iPhone camera.
a sweet sky.
This Is My Father’s World.  {which is another favorite song}

thanks for stopping by for a bit of my montana.
blessings on your friday, wherever you are.

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  1. It is my Father's World, but He's letting me enjoy it – through you. Thanks for the pretty pictures, and the remembrance of two favorite songs.

  2. beautiful pics despite using your phone…..I can hardly wait to see your next collage quilt !!

    I sent you a message via FB about a pattern for your "Rocky"…not sure if you got it…….my quilt shop friend ordered 9 patterns from Laura but wants the mountain goat……will you be offering it ?
    Happy weekend !

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