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hello ~

we’re all ready for spring in the great northern plains, and we have had some lovely bright days in between lots of wind, and lately a bit of snow.  but oh the spring green of new crops, and bright blue skies!

this one day was spectacular, and i enjoyed getting out on a mini-roadtrip to take some photos.

i’m also amused at the fencelines… taking in the furballs!  i know… sounds so goofy, doesn’t it?  but there is just something that draws my interest as the cattle love rubbing against this “side-scratcher” of barbed wire!

and then those classic “shoot-em-up” signs… sigh.  why they must be shot at, i’m not sure… but it does make for an interesting texture??!  lol.  {not really!}

and green pastures… painted ponies!  sweet blooming pussy willows.  sure signs of spring.  love.  love.  love.  

at any rate… i hope you enjoy my photo-log of a day out in the sunshine!

enJoy this day!
soli deo gloria!


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  1. Lovely spring photos , I especially love the meadow with the brook flowing through , so pretty . Thanks for sharing your countryside with us.

  2. Here it's in the 60sF… finally a sunny day. We are getting tulips blooming.
    Your pictures are amazing. So much beautiful… sky and grass and horses. Thanks for sharing them.

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