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hi there  ~

thank you for your sweet comments, and encouragement … i so appreciate it!!  

so here’s another beauty… from vicki welsh.  you all know {by now?} how i feel about hand-dyed fabrics and the people who make them!  they are incredible talents.  what they do… the labor they provide, all to produce these incredibly colored fabrics, with care.  i know it’s a labor of love for them!  and therefore, i will endeavor to use them all the more in my labors of love!!!

this is actually a runner i stitched in the beginning of my week off.  it kind of got lost in the shuffle.  i think if you take a good look at the stitching of this one, and my very last ones {tomorrow and the next} you will be able to tell the difference a week makes! and a few hours every day.  like anyone who has ever become a ‘master’ – they practice their craft  every day! 

the little swirl centers that make the spine line ~ they look simple enough.  but i found them a little trickier than they first appear.  it’s important to keep them the same size, and also
keep them a consistent distance apart from each other.and you can tell the difference if you take a look at mountain meadows {again}.

do i want to be a master?  YES!  of course it will never  be perfect ~ ever.  but i’m enjoying the challenge! 


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  1. beautiful! love the swirls running down the middle and I do indeed think you are a Master or pretty darn close 🙂

  2. You are such an inspiration, Leslie! I am a raw beginner and still trying to get my free motion under control. Practicing everyday! Thanks for everything!

  3. This is gonna be hard to top! I have been thinking that I need to not be such a multi tasker and do one thing for long enough to do it well. hmmmm? thanks 😉

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