montana wheat fields in all their glory ~

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hi there ~ happy friday!

our montana indian summer days are here. 

here are some of my favorite photos from the last bit of our summer montana… before it is long, long… gone.

you know if you’ve been reading this blog for very long 
that i am a montana born and bred girl 
 i love the prairie… 
the wheat fields.  
and those big big wide open spaces of blue skies …
there is just something magical about wheat, a late afternoon, and the sparkling wheat heads 
{or in this case barley} 
and it drawns me in… 
and further into the seemingly endless sea of fields…
i just have to get a closer look
to see … what the mystery might be.
how things look.
up. close.

and the highwood mountains, 
in all their barley~field~framing glory…
 my awesome husband, driver, comrade, encourager… 
waiting for me, ever-so-patient…
 me n’ my long shadow …
 and the most faint, 
but oh-so-glorious glow of the wildflowers 
on the edge of the road… 

it’s a beautiful thing, 
this light, bright color 
and getting down low
 to find a different and totally new…
point of view…
 yes and amen. 
{especially when it is time for me to get up again} 
from that low-on-the-ground pose…
glory glory alleluia!

these clouds. 
that sky.
take my breath away each and every time.
{taken from my car, {iphone} with the window rolled down}

there’s nothing like the awesome drama
power and glory
of a storm on the prairie.

soli deo gloria

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  1. Stunning, remarkable, and lovely shots Leslie, and I love, love your inspirational writing and gloving God all the glory. You are a HUGE blessing Les!

  2. You take the most beautiful photos , I love the wheat fields with the mountains in the background , gorgeous . Thanks for sharing 🙂

  3. Such gorgeous shots of sky, mountains fields! Spectacular! You should share with Sky Watch Friday – fun weekly challenge.

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