montana’s niagara falls ~ lost lake in the shonkin sag

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greetings ~

today’s feature is a continuation of our wintery day adventure with the clydesdale horses.   we ended it with a small hike in a chilly blustery late day under amazing skies, and crazy laccolith stone architecture.  it’s an amazing geological tour to a very cool, and very unusual place, known as montana’s very own niagara falls ~ lost lake.  there is a short,  well-written article about it ~ click here. 

lost lake
 “To imagine that volume of water, consider this: 
given the depth of Lost Lake, Davidson said, 
the falls probably dropped 300 to 350 feet 
when the Shonkin Sag 
was brimful and water poured over the top.  
At 300 feet deep and half a mile across, 
the Dry Falls would have been just about 
double size of the largest cataract 
at today’s Niagara Falls.

i’ve been here several times, and each time i’m awestruck by the grandeur and sheer rock formations.  it’s quiet… and lonely with the wind roaring in your ears… and the sandy “beach” is rather unusual to me; coarse pebbly rock material with a generous dose of green lichen.

Patricia, Joseph and David pose for me in the rocks that rim this hidden “lost lake.”

lost lake sits on private land, and is well preserved… no hint of litter or trash of any kind.  just pure unadulterated awesome. 

the highwood mountains in the distance, a spectacular view of ancient, blue, and quiet.

as i headed homeward bound…
a breathtaking sunset that took my breath away.
much like the entire day.
Your Glory, O Lord, reaches to the skies…
soli deo gloria.

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  1. Wow! The pictures are really breathtaking! i don't think that there is such an place here in Europe – and we have really beautiful and spectactular places here, but nothing with such space. Maybe one time I can visit it.
    greetings, Rike

  2. Awesome. Saw Shonkin mentioned in the movie “Missouri Breaks” staring Jack Nickolson. My favorite western. Had to look it up. Glad I did. Plan to visit Montana again next summer. Also to a place called ‘The Little Rockies. ‘ thanks from Kansas.

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