{more} fabric painting with silks acrylic glaze ~

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hi there ~

well, i have made some things… makes for more unfinished projects.  but at least they are new ones…  lol!  that makes a difference doesn’t it?  {ok, maybe not}

oh well, why fence myself in?  it is what it is, and when the mood strikes, i go for it.  it’s a fun medium to play with, and the time spent doing it is pure bliss.

i think these two painted pieces are twins.  it would seem i was of the same frame of mind that day.  cut from the same cloth, apparently!!! 

enJOY your day.

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  1. They're all pretty! You have to go with your inspirations! Someday, when you're in the mood for some creative sewing, you'll have lots to choose from.

  2. I really like this style, Les. I'm making note of them for my design files. You are sew inspiring!!!I can almost smell their sweet savour. 🙂

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