{more} grace and a watercolor card {or two!} ~

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hi friends,

and a happy, joyful friday to you all! 

life recently has, at times, left me more-than-weary lately.  has that happened to you?

perhaps i feel that way because i’ve  tried to “manage”  life and be strong in my own power and strength.  and I’ve become grace-less.  selfish.  self-absorbed.

perhaps because i have not dipped into the deep of the Only One’s limitless well of living water… filled to the brim with grace amazing.

perhaps because i didn’t consider it important to stop long enough… to linger at the well, to take deep, sweet, unlimited and refreshing, soul-reviving drinks…  could it be i need less of me… and more of Him?

and so it’s been another week of learning.  another week learning… to linger. to drink deeply, and to ask for His strength to do. to be. to live the in the full of the life He has given.   

it’s not half empty.  it’s not half full.  it’s just simply full. and it is full, when i drink from, and by the cupful offered.

to thank Him.  honestly ~ earnestly.  to take my time {after all it is His time}, to give thanks. thankful i don’t have to chase after it.  because he chases us with everlasting cupfuls of grace.  and as ann voskamp, wrote March 13th, for incourage,  {just when i needed to hear it}: “God is so bent on blessing, He chases. God’s not out to get you ~ He’s out to give to you.”  

so i stop. i pause. 
i give thanks.
i gulp His amazingly full, ever-chasing-after-me grace.
and pray it was not in vain.

my prayer is that His grace given lavishly is not foolishly  wasted. it is to be poured out unto all, freely and compassionately just as it was so generously and continuously lavished upon me!

grateful to have been asked to make this special geranium into a card {I want to make more!}

and an appropriate prayer,
especially for me, that i share with you all: 

“may the Lord establish in you a healthy, divine rhythm of life.  may He strengthen you in mind, body, and spirit.  where you are broken, may He restore.  where you are weary, may He refresh. where you are fearful, may He revive faith.
may your coming days be far more blessed
than your former days. 
sleep well tonite. 
there will be new mercies waiting for you in the morning.”
   ~ susie Larson

 {thank you susie}   thank YOU Lord!

joining “in the studio” this beautiful day!

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  1. You were given the 'gift' of art by our Lord…and he'll give you the strength you need during this time as well! Love your posts!

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