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Happy Summer Days Folks!

And it’s a perfect time to try your hand with painting on Cork!  I’m showing a couple different modifications from my new pattern, “Painted Cork Blooms!”  {It’s still $5 off for just a little longer!}

I had a great time teaching this class several times last week, and I am always-always inspired by student creativity!  One of my students was going to take the coaster project and make it into a fun activity for her grandchildren this summer!  *Perfect* idea!

So… let me tell you that cork is a wonderful substrate–it takes a stitch–even a heavy, dense, embroidery stitch–with ease! No need for any extra stabilization. I just used a simple decorative stitch that was already existing in my stitch menu, right from my Bernina machine! All I did was back it first with cotton fabric, just so both layers would lay nice and flat after finishing.  You could totally embellish with stitching first, and then add the cotton backing layer, and edge-stitch around the petals, and then apply the binding.  Your choice! If you want to embroider it using an embroidery hoop–cork handles that well, too!

And, as I found out–cork is very forgiving!  I SPILLED–yes, spilled half a bottle of my paint on the surface … and quickly just rinsed it under water, and wiped the cork with a paper towel… and it all came out!  Now… if I had let it set for more than a few minutes–that wouldn’t have happened.  Gotta get to it quickly!

A whimsical “country rose” interpretation.

Orange Peel Die Shape, applied with three different sized leaves! Mix and Match to your heart’s content! I tried out a new version of the Roxanne’s Glue Baste It product–applying it to the edges of the cork, and just lightly glueing the cotton fabric on the back.  {Batting is totally optional!}

My favorite glue: Roxanne’s Glue Baste It–in a wonderful new, applicator! TWO tips; one fine and the other a wide, brush-like end; easy to apply and squeeze! AND… completely refillable! Yes–they are making larger bottles of the glue that are more economical–win, win, win!! 🙂


Thanks for coming by!

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