{more} with paintstiks and free motion embroidery

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good morning greetings ~

still… having some great fun with my paintstiks, and a few stencil patterns, specifically the leaf ones.  {still} love how the pattern of the towel comes through the printed leaf.  the blendability of stencils and color is endless!  

and i never tire of it!

and what i think gives it so much more depth, sparkle and visual interest… thread.  plain and simple, just a tiny bit of free motion action lends itself to making this kind of simple project stand out and say… “come!  take a closer look.”

i used mostly solids… polyester, but a variegated would be wondrous, as well!

yes, stabilizer is a must!  above you see the “clear-type” of a wash-away stabilizer, this is called “badge master” and it stabilizes beautifully, and more so, it washes out the same way. 

this time, the rubbing plates {from cedar canyon textiles} come in handy to create a border full of blended colors, all across the bottom of the dish towel.  but how fun on a t-shirt, a sweatshirt… a jacket!  denim is wonderful as a base fabric for paintstiks, too.

i’ll be teaching these techniques and much more mid-October and beyond.  

i’m enjoying the possibilities, and exploring the options is just pure fun.  hope you are too.  have a blessed day!


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  1. How pretty! I'm known among my friends for my tea towel gifts, but ice never tried the Paintsticks. Do you find they was well? I must look for some nice towels.

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