New collage pattern ~ Mrs. Frosty {n’ Snow Baby!}

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Morning Everyone!

  Mrs. Frosty and her baby have arrived in a new collage.  She’s been in my head for a few months, and I just had to make up my mind between two different sketches I had done, and combine elements I loved from both of them.

“The Mrs.” is  just a tiny bit old-fashioned, sporting a classic, gorgeous wool cape, trimmed in luxurious velvet.  I had lots of fun adding a bit of modern flair to her face, a bit of make-up, complete with a hint of eyelashes {black flowers with white petals} and eyebrows in black.  I loved designing her lips, particularly, and it was fun to stitch that simple black line through to emphasize them.  She wears a contemporary headband, of which is a base of shiny silver material ~ sporting a lovely adornment of flowers, {naturally}!

What makes this design even more sweet is the little snow baby by her side, too! Baby Frosty is all “fresh and silvery” in the same silver metallic fabric from Mama’s headband, {from my stash of course!} This silver metallic fabric has a swirl pattern texture that also ties in with the swirls on Mama’s cape.  The little snow baby is darling with his cute little golden brown wool scarf and hat ~ a hat that is just a bit too big ~ complete with matching trim from Mama’s cape, too.

  The background fabric for this design was a batik from my stash.  It kinda reads like an old-fashioned wallpaper to me ~ I love the subtle flower pattern it brings in a very soft pastel purple, peach and taupe color-way, and it’s a beautiful complementary background to this piece.

And I enjoyed adding more of those same complementary colors of the batik background in delicate flower buds, leaves and other florals, trailing from the upper left and right of the top of the quilt.  I finished the quilting with a large feathery pattern, done in taupe thread. This is Magnifico, 100% polyester from Superior Threads.  It unifies the taupe accents that are in the border at the bottom, and the binding, too.

The cape features a beautiful purple-blue plaid wool with fun details such as velvet buttons, underlined with purple and white edged flowers, a silver metallic fabric for a button on her cape collar, and an iridescent ribbon on the edge… and of course more flowers creatively collaged on top.

It was fun layering  a couple daisy flowers underneath each of the mitten cuffs, and again, a classic swirl design quilted onto the mittens themselves.

This pattern was designed to use lots and lots of smaller scale flowers, {1″-2″ or smaller clusters} of which I have a lot of.  Perfect! Just a few medium scale — about 3-4″ is the largest.

Oh yes ~ the pattern is now available in my Etsy shop, too.  Let me know wha you think, k?  As a bonus, and for a limited time, if you decide to buy this pattern, I’ll send the silver fabric for Baby and the Headband, as well as the flowers for the eyelashes! It’s for a limited time, well, because I have a  limited number of those things to offer!image



IMG_7543 IMG_7544 IMG_7548 IMG_7549


Of course ~ this pattern would be so charming in many other color choices!  Perhaps you’ll have some fabulous wool and velvet that would combine to make a special collage of your own!

Thank you so much for taking time to stop in!

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  1. How beautiful and sweet! You have an eye for design and color, drawing skills and a writing talent as well. Nice combination.
    I love the machine quilting you added and the way you let the background be the snowman. The velvet touches are sumptuous.

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