my cup overflows collage ~ psalm 23:5

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hi there friends ~

here’s a design that’s been swirling around in my mind for awhile, and i finally got it figured out… so i poured myself a cup of tea, and drew this design … and so here is my quilted and collaged interpretation of psalm 23, vs 5:  “my cup overflows” {and it does}:

just three background pieces, and a fun collage of mostly medium scale flowers, and a few small ones.  however, the small ones are cut more as a group, and while they may look individually, and delicately cut, they mostly are not!  their background {a neutral or white} really helps them blend, too.

and again… i took the opportunity to showcase some cute labels from sweetwater which i had purchased previously.  

i also chose to quilt this overall using 40 wt magnifico in a white, and then went back over some of the flowers with a black thread, this time with superior threads 50 wt masterpiece to lightly outline and add shadow and more dimension to some of the blooms!  {i had a great time!}

i finished it with a yellow binding, couched a brown yarn into the seam of the binding, and added and a sketchy, swirly heart to finish.  most of the fabrics used here are from the art gallery line of fabrics… they are among my most favorite fabric designers.  

and yes… this is another new pattern ~ coming soon!  the original is hanging at the quilt shop, the quilt-a-way?, and when i get them printed, i will be having a giveaway of many of the patterns to celebrate summer, and a sale in the etsy shop, too!  by the way some of you have asked, and yes! i do offer my patterns wholesale to quilt shops.  

thank you for taking time to come by, and for all your encouragement and support!

soli deo gloria.

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