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This is the second full size quilt I ever quilted  and it is truly beloved and very well-used, ten years later! Even though it is getting so worn, It is still my favorite, I think in part, because it seemed so large to me! You know, it was one of those ‘first big steps’ in accomplishing something that was a bit intimidating to me when I first began quilting.  I was so excited and pleased when it was finished. The pattern I used is no longer available, but it is from Sew Be It  and is called: “Folk Art Dresden Plate.”  She publishes very fun and simple patterns where the fabric is really the ‘star of the show.’

I quilted this full size quilt on my first little Bernina home machine, and I sure learned alot doing it!  The free motion quilting is fairly simple… wavy lines radiating from the center medallions and lots of swirly circles in the background.  The center medallions themselves were satin stitched with a variegated thread, and although my stitch quality left something to be desired, I enjoyed it so very much, and improved my skills by the time I was done!  LOVE that.

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The threads are wearing and breaking, the fabric is fading now.  I learned how to do a blanket stitch (better) later, but I certainly got in a lot of practice on this one quilt.  I learned the best foot was the #20, and have since also discovered a technique in using it specifically with the blanket stitch… another post in the future!  I love the Kaffe Fasset shot cottons that are a big part of the fabric choices here. I’ve always loved his fabric designs in plaids and stripes — still do! And even better… I have some of those fabrics still in my stash…yay!
I painted the windows with the faux glass paint, (Gallery Glass) and I still love the way they look; especially in the spring and summer mornings when we can hear the birds chirping and the fresh breeze coming through the windows. 

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  1. Hey..I think the faded quality of the quilt is like the Velveteen Rabbit…and us as we grow older and older and older. Love this post. Keep it up.

  2. I can see why this is your favorite quilt. If I walked into my bedroom every day and saw that on my bed, I'd be happy happy. It's beautiful.

  3. Oh WOW Leslie, the window is beautiful! How creative. We sure do learn a lot from machine quilting on our domestic machines, don't we? I don't have an artist bone in my body, but I still love to do the machine quilting myself. Truly a labor of love 🙂

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