my kind of checkers ~ with vicki welsh

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hi there ~ happy weekend to you all ~

i’m having just a little bit of curvy fun… courtesy of vicki welsh gradients {gradient key west}.  i decided to make  cross-cuts of my long curvy strip piecing.  and then sew them up for what i like to call  ‘checkerboards.’ actually, this is named after a little town in montana, called ‘checkerboard’ and the road there is curvy, hilly, and very pretty mountainous landscape…

and then some fun time free motion quilting for these little darlings:

warning… curves ahead!  {the quilting kind that is}

and…. that is how you have fun in the sun, while you’re inside!!

enjoy a little bit of sunshine wherever you are ~  and have you registered for the free fabric from vicki yet? if not, then go leave a comment by clicking here!

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  1. Swirling goodness going on here…I bet your roads are curvy through and around those gorgeous mountains. xox

  2. I registered. I love her fabrics! And as always, your quilting is exquisite! It really is the difference between a nice project and a spectacular one.

  3. I love to see how pieces are transformed from colourful loveliness to gorgeousness with the addition of stitch 😉

  4. My favourite sew far, Les. You and Vicki are a great team. Kinda sunny here. Maybe the whether man is wrong. again! lol

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