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hi everyone ~

here’s the latest journal. i love these colors. and this is what i finally figured out to do, regarding the original gelli prints i’ve made, that i love, love…  i’m getting them color copied, and also scanning them.  nice!  that way i can use my faves over and over again, adding to them… subtracting, and ya know ~ making them each an original of their own.    

i love the color quality on the laser printed copiers.  almost like the original.  and that works for me.  i’d rather keep the originals for now, until i can decide how i want to preserve them.  the background on this journal is one of my very favorites!

 i’ve added washi tape, rub-ons in black and white, as well as thermofax screens, printed onto deli paper.  boy, do they merge nicely onto the pages!  love that effect. 

 below you’ll see where i added a bit of angelina/textiva film {the shiny, reflective stuff}, as well as some silver encrusted stick-on embellishments.

 i add a layer of decopage to the top, to add strength and durability to the rub-ons, and the tissue embellishments, and washi tape, too.  one of the bonuses of doing this is that when you add a black marker around the edges {once it’s dry}, you can smear and create shadows, {if you do it quickly enough} as it moves around for a little bit before it dries completely.

these take me a couple hours to complete, but i do love the process, and i’m gonna keep on going!  i made 12, and have sold 11, so i’ll be replenishing my inventory supply… soon! now is a good time to buy the basic notebook or journal, as the back-to-school sales are on.  i can usually get them at a place like staples, kmart, or so… for about $1 to $2 a piece.

happy friday!  thanks for coming by to check on me!!  🙂

and happily yours in glue and paint ~

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  1. Love, love, love the journal, so fun with all your doodles and flowers. Nice work my friend. xox

  2. Fantastic! The flower looks 3D. Do you go to a place like Staples? It really is a great idea, not that I don't already have baskets of coloured paper but then there could be the 'really' good stuff. Too much blessed fun!

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