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 Ahhh…. sigh! LOVE love LOVE my sewing studio space; now in our basement. We moved it from a small 10×10 bedroom! YAY. I wasn’t sure I would like being downstairs, but once my handsome, awesome husband hung these terrific lights for me, I found it was bright, roomy and efficient!  It took us many long hours (in fact it was weeks!) to re-arrange!  I’m not sure I have it just right yet, but I now have sewing space for three machines, and even better, the ability to give individual one-one quilting and/or sewing lessons!  Oh! Those new lights are directly over my 830 machine and make all the difference!  Thank you my love for hanging them for me!  I also have a small area for painting, a table for my sizzix machine and even a tiny bit of space for some limited dying of small pieces of fabric, yarn and ribbons.  The next goal… getting the quilt frame completely set up… 🙂

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