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happy morning glory ~

thank you for your sweet responses to the posts!  they are precious jewels and i love hearing from you all!!!

these are the last of pics from our sunday drive last weekend.  i loved how all of these montana rural scenes had their own special beauty.  

six hours later, and over 100 miles, we had a day full of blessing ~ together.  thank you to my sweet husband driver who loves to explore, too!!

from the craggy square butte {to the left in pic below} and haystack butte {to the right}, and the highwood mountains, to the luscious country of big sag… i hope you enjoy the remainder of our trip, as we did!

 this is montana… remote.  serene.  rough.  beautiful ~ everywhere.

 coming downhill into an area known as the “big sag.”  i’m not entirely sure how to explain what that means, but it is related to how the missouri glacial lake and area, ‘sagged’ as it melted, and formed valleys, and rivers, making what is known as the missouri river {and basin} in today’s current geology in the highwood and geraldine areas of montana. 

 interesting to me, too, is the greenery of the pastures from area to area…

as i’ve sat in the car, looking out, around and scanning the horizons, i’ve learned one thing that i think serves me well as a photographer, and in looking at life.   

~ don’t forget to look in the rear view mirror.

it’s amazing to me how the same view looking ahead, is also quite beautiful looking back.  not everything {beautiful} can be seen looking straight ahead…

and some things {in life} are better seen looking back.  ashes from beauty, if you will.

just don’t stay there. 

God bless you!

soli deo gloria!

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