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i do so love roadtrips into the montana landscapes…  

brian and i took off early one morning to “see what we could see!”

and there is alot… to see

even the craggy, deadly serious and noxious weed, knapweed.  ugh as to how it takes over… but so pretty in the early morning light as it framed in my camera view over the stream of belt creek.  what i especially thought was visually cool, was the spider web.  {although i hate spiders!}  

and as a ‘good citizen’ of montana, and a farm girl… one should always pull those sucker weeds out!!

this spot on the road at armington junction and belt creek, is popular for summer picnics and swimming, and as you can see, for some small-fry children to hang onto the branch and swing into the shallow pool of water.  fun times!

it’s such a great pleasure for me to have a driver {my sweet husband} so i can ‘sit back’ and take in the views… and issue a {gentle} summons… to “stop here!”   lol

we made our way to the top of what is known as kibbey canyon ~ another favorite scene ~  and old stompin’ grounds for me.  

quick, brian, let’s go back!  there’s a falcon on that round bale!  and brian dutifully reverses.  and i do my best to quickly switch lenses to get a good close-up shot…

it’s time for a mid-morning snack!  this beautiful bird was eating what i can only guess to be remnants of a rabbit, or perhaps a mouse, or who knows what-not?! regardless, it was very cool!

we honor the ‘no trespassing’ signs.  they are {everywhere!} and more… knapweed in the foreground.  {a girl could pull spotted knapweed all day long!}

from a creative and design standpoint… the knapweed not only has pretty color… but i do love that curvy n’ frilly bloom shape.

a nearly abandoned barn … still sits against a lovely mountain backgdrop of the little belt mountains and sweeping meadows full of hay freshly cut and baled.  i love the windows… would like to go back some other day at sunset…

we’re headed further down into kibbey canyon, and the antelope were enjoying an early morning snack, too. until i stopped to take a photo ~ and they were off and running to the hills.

and the real reason we came this way ~ my son’s ranch, to the lower left edge of this photo.   it has a spectacular view of the little belt mountains, hay meadows, and coulees. 

a little otter creek … runs through it  ~  🙂 

i have {way} more to show you all on our sweet summer day ~ on back country roads…  it really was a perfect day!!

i hope you will return to see more of #my montana; “#montana moment and #favorite country roads.  i try to keep my iphone and camera both in my lap!!  but since satellite service is iffy in much of montana, it’s a challenge, but oh so fun!  if you’re interested, follow me on instagram, and/or see those hash tags to keep up with us!   fyi: {my instagram account is marveles}

soli deo gloria.  thank you Lord for a beautiful day!

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  1. It's so beautiful there and so very different than here. You're right about the knapp weed. It really is pretty!
    I love the shot with the farm house and buildings in it. My favourite, I think.

  2. Your scenery to me is what America is about, wide open spaces, barns and hay bales – even the noxious knapweed has a splendor all it's own….Ahhhhh, thanks so much for sharing. xox

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