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good morning~!

up and over the foothills of the little belt mountains we went, and we came out of limestone canyon i’ts those beautiful, vistas of the prairie to drink in…

but first… a morning break and a couple photography shots on my knees, {and belly}. there is so much to see.  i loved the simplicity of this old windmill on the prairie.  there’s also a bit of the highwood mountains showing to the far left, then haystack butte and square butte {to the far right}.  and we headed north to get a closer look. 

i just love these cute little flowers… their long, tall buds, and their petite, delicate, skirts!  i’ve dubbed them my ‘prairie ballerinas!’

some of the hay pastures are still green…

some are not.

 this little spot in the road was our venue for a stretch gbreak and a bite of sandwich by the side of the road.  exploring makes ya hungry, ya know?!  love our picnic lunches out in the great wide open!

 if you’re thinking this is rough and rugged country ~ you’d be right on.  it definitely is that. 

 large as life sagebrush and yucca pods are great survivors ~ and sentinels in this back country.

we’ve changed directions ~ heading  back around the eastern side of the highwood mountains, toward the little town of geraldine, mt.

not an original thought i know ~ but there is just so much to see in my montana.  having lived here my entire life, i am still surprised at the vastness of this state… and…  i love it! 

next stop:  big sag and the highwoods! 

have a beautiful day wherever you are.  

soli deo gloria.

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