my new mammoth flannel winter scarves ~

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Last year, I discovered a new flannel fabric called, “mammoth” flannel {from robert kaufman fabrics} while looking for flannel type fabrics for a new quilt for one of the boys. Rhat a pleasant surprise ~ I soon found they weren’t like other typical flannels I’d worked with. These…  super soft, a really nice double-sided thickness that has  fabulous drape, washes beautifully, and is a gem to sew with!  Both sides are the same, as they are woven.

Forget the quilt! Just for the moment 🙂

It just happened so very quickly and I found myself sewing up a really infinity scarf.  In pretty coral and gray plaid!  However.  We had a really {warmish} winter last year.  So it didn’t really get worn much … because when I did… I was so dang hot wearing it!

Skip ahead to this year.  Not even close to “warmish” our dear ol’ man Montana winter of yesteryear!  This is more of a good ol’ fashioned winter I grew up with as a kid… We just hit a record cold spell from somewhere beginning in early December to yesterday, where many days our average “feels like” temps were often -20 below or more.  Yikes! And while it was much worse in many other parts of the country, weather is well, relative!  Thankfully we’re at 20 above now!

So, how much do I love my flannel scarf? Yah… a whole bunch.  Bring it on Old Man Winter.  I’ve got myself covered!!

IMG_5295 (1)

How do you like that pretty trimmed edge?  Oh yah, my yarn stash was the next place i went to find the perfect accent, applying an edge-stitch treatment. I do have a tutorial on this technique… see it here!  and then I made more.  Oh-so-pretty  black, gray and white plaid.

 What a dream of delicious warmth around your head, neck… these are pure, soft comfort and pretty colors ta boot!  Oh. Yes. The Boots.  I’ll be needing my wintery boots this year.  Glad I was a year ahead and get to wear them again as we have plenty of snow to track through!  At any rate, I made all the infinity scarves generously long so they can be doubled around the neck, or even used as a hoodie style, and then wrapped.

IMG_5410 (2)

black and white infinity scarf

I’ve sold a few, and have a few now listed in my etsy shop, too!  Go ahead.  Check em’ out.  I’m offering free shipping for a limited time. {to USA only}. I promise.  Warm. Cozy. Beautiful!  You’ll love em’ like I do!

Stay warm, ya hear?!

Thanks so much for comin’ by!

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