My Newest Christmas Cards ~

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Oh Happy Friday ~ I think this week ahh… has kicked my patootey!  But even bigger Ahh… so glad to make it through!  And speaking of ‘making it’ —

Making handmade Christmas cards  has been one of the most relaxing things I’ve done these past couple months… and I love it!  Learning {more} to watercolor, drawing trees … adding glitter and microbeads.  I have a small lap desk stored by the couch, so I can grab it to draw on, while Brian and I visit, watch a little football, or movies, etc…

Although the glitter and micro beads have to be done downstairs on the big work table… or else I’d have a very big, super grande … mess!

I do my best to keep the mess minimal in the glitter department, and I do that by using a large manilla file folder.  All the glitter is tapped off onto the open folder, and then I fold it back up, and tap it back into the glitter container.  Works pretty well.  Microbeads… well, they are entirely another challenge!  Man, oh man, do they BOUNCE — e v e r y w h e r e!  I have found that while I can still use the file folder, it’s also good to have a terry bath towel underneath, which has to be shook outside… and then the whole world is sparkly and shiny!!  lol

EnJOY some relaxation, and ponder the miracle…  Emannuel ~ Love Came Down.  Thank you, Lord!  Praying much joy and peace for all of you~have a great day, and hopefully a lovely, Christmassy weekend. 

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  1. Your blinged out watercolor Christmas cards are lovely. Don't you just love making cards and gifts for family and friends? While creating I think about my loved ones and put LOVE into whatever I make 🙂

  2. Oh, the dots of bling are delicious. When I get really organized… lol So do you drop a dab of glue then let the little microbeads free fall? :^)

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