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mornin’ ~

i always enjoy making “born again crosses.”  these are quilts of all kinds; placemats, wall hangings, paper quilts, or just leftover painted fabric, embellished.  i’ve been cutting up some older quilts, and i quite enjoy seeing each one of these exhibit their “new life” into the shape of a cross.  such nice little tokens of faith, of Christ, Easter, and baptism.  and i’ll be adding quite a few more to my etsy shop in the days to come!

given the time involved in tracing my own custom cross pattern, cutting them out, stitching, adding a hanger, and a paper backing, these little darlings don’t make me alot of money, but money is not the treasure.  {the cross is}.  

this one below ~ quite “hebrew-looking” isn’t it?

in honor of ash wednesday, and the 
beginning of our lenten season.
 it is always a treasure to see the “new life” 
old quilts become once they are cut up.  
so very much like the new life we are given, 
{when we say “yes” to the cross of Jesus Christ!} 
soli deo gloria!

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  1. I love these! I like making items like this, it's fun because they finish up so quickly and I feel like I've accomplished something. Yours are beautiful. 🙂

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